Simple Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 25 mins

I love mint ice cream and when I came across this recipe I just had to make it to see how good it was. The results was awesome. I rather make my own mint chocolate chip ice cream than buying it in the stores. We love this recipe.

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  1. In a bowl stir together milk, whipping cream, sugar,salt,vanilla and peppermint extracts until sugar is dissolved.
  2. drop food coloring in a this time if desired.
  3. Pour mixture into ice cream maker and fellow manufactors directions.
  4. After 10 minutes into freezing add chocolate chips.
  5. After ice maker has finish its process, put ice cream in a container to fit and freeze in the freezer for 2 hours to harden more.
Most Helpful

This recipe is so wonderful! Have made it three times and it is extremely easy to make and is just smooth and terrific. I use regular milk chocolate chips and chop them up a bit because I haven't had mini chips around the house lately. I made it with half and half and heavy cream instead of the low fat milk - so decadent! I also used fat free milk and cream and it was just as good. Thanks for sharing this!

cortneytreat November 14, 2009

All the boys gave this 5 stars. I had to use the regular sized chocolate chips, but it didn't matter. Everyone loved it and very very easy to make, in fact, this is the first time I have made ice cream and it came out wonderfully. Thanks so much! ~ update: needed an easy recipe for cookies and cream ice cream and adapted this - left out peppermint, added extra tsp vanilla, and whipped it up in the ice cream maker, then stirred in cookies before popping the whole of it in my freezer for a few hours. Big hit! Thanks again!

Messy44 October 10, 2010

My husband requested mint chocolate chip ice cream for Father’s Day and this recipe was exactly what I was looking for! The flavor is wonderful and I like how we can change the amount of mint flavoring to suit our tastes. The recipe was also very fast and easy, not keeping me in the kitchen over a stove making a custard. Ironically, the only reason we are not rating it a five star is actually due to the fact that we did not make a custard base. For this reason, the ice cream did not have a very creamy texture like we prefer. For ease and flavor, this is a 5 star. For texture, it is a 3-4 star.

Georgia Jill June 20, 2010

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