Total Time
Prep 1 min
Cook 1 min

The most inexpencive and easiest recipe of all. The simplest way to soften fabrics and control static. Makes towels more absorbent.


  1. 1/4 Cup white vinegar to the last rinse cycle of your wash, or if you have a center cup in your washing machine for fabric softener, add the vinegar to that at the start of your wash.
  2. Only use white vinegar,as cider vinegar may stain clothes.
  3. I've been making and using my homemade laundry soap and this fabric softener for nearly a year now. I'll never go back to commercial brands again. I have even dried clothes that I had left overnight in the dryer a second time, to remove wrinkles, with no static.
Most Helpful

Not only does this soften my clothes, it makes my whites whiter! Thanks for posting!

rothiii February 24, 2013

I haven't buy fabric softener since my last bottle was empty. And I use vinegar since last week. It's great :) There is no static in the towels. Thanks Dee :) Made for Alphabet chef tag game

Boomette July 08, 2011

I use this for the cloth diapers that we wash. I add it to the downy ball. Works great. I also only use baking soda.

Mt House mama August 26, 2009