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I have never had hamburger soup before, but can say this was really good. I fixed the entire amt. we ate some of it the day I fixed it. I used 97% lean 3% fat ground chuck or whatever it is called, so no need to drain fat. In cooking, I put everything in the pot but the potatoes and cooked for 30 minutes, then I added the potatoes and cooked for 30 more minutes, until the potatoes were done. After it cooled I then put in two freezer containers, being only two of us I didn't want to freeze the entire amt. After it was frozen for a few days I took it out, let it un-thaw and placed in a pan and just reheated to warm it up, didn't let it boil, but almost. It was fantastic. But nothing that I would make on a regular basis.

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Jacqueline in KY March 06, 2008
Simple Hamburger Soup