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I'm not usually one to rate recipes, but seeing some of the poor reviews...I felt the need. This recipe is seriously delicious! It's not some gourmet dish, but it is REALLY good! I did change the amounts of pepper & garlic. Also, I did not have cream of mushroom...I had cream of onion on hand & it was awesome! We served ours over egg noodles. My 12 year old & husband both went back for HUGE second servings!!!! I am definitely keeping this recipe! I hope you will give it a try...you won't be disappointed!

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Troopersgirl64 February 21, 2013

I altered the recipes and it ended up delicious!!! I used a can of cream of chicken soup, 1 chicken bouillon and 1 cup of water instead of using the chicken broth. Also, I did not add the tomato paste. It was awesome, and easy, so I will definitely make it again.

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Spiritualgirl May 11, 2011

Sorry, but very bland... After tasting it, I add pinch of thyme, Old Bay seasonings and non fiery chili powder. Was much better like that. If you like some bold flavours in your food, this is not a recipe for you. But it is a very fast recipe and could be used as a great base for a dish, if you add some vegetables, spices etc. If you make it a little less saucy, you can even eat it in a flour tortilla or a pita bread.

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dramatic plum-pudding September 20, 2010

This was terrific! I served it over noodles and I used ff sour cream, fresh garlic, fresh mushrooms, healthy request soup and low sodium chicken broth. What a great winter dinner!

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bduale November 09, 2008

This was really quite good. I didn't add the mushrooms (DH is not a fan) and since I didn't have tomato paste I used a squirt of ketchup instead. I also used regular plain yogurt instead of sour cream. My almost 3 year old son ate three servings and no doubt would have eaten more if there were any left. I plan on making this again with tomato paste.

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sunshine*girl October 26, 2009

I made this tonight and it was pretty darn good! I don't know that mine came out like Stroganoff, but was more like SOS. However, I did like it and will probably make it again at some point. I chose this because it seemed fast and easy, but I did make some changes based on what I had read in the reviews and also on what I had on hand. I feared it would be a little on the bland side with the way it was written so I upped the amounts of all the spices and onion. I also did not have tomato paste so rather than leave it out (which I may consider next time), I subbed some tomato sauce. I didn't use much, but I was a little scared when I saw that it made my sauce a rosy hue!. I also added in a touch of worcestershire sauce per regular stroganoff recipes, careful not to add too much. Maybe a little more than 1/2 tsp.? I used fresh mushrooms because I had a partial open container that I needed to use. I used more chicken broth than was called for as well. After measuring out the one cup for the sauce, I used a little to add to the pan while my chicken was finishing cooking so the pan didn't get too dry (before I added in the sauce ingredients). It ensured my chicken stayed tender and my pan didn't dry out. When my sauce was done simmering and it was time to add in the sour cream, I used Mexican Crema because that's what I had and it was awesome! The rosy hue that I was worried about mellowed out (as well as probably the tomato-y flavor) and my sauce was really creamy. I served mine over steamed rice and it was delish! <br/>*Note~ If you have never tried Mexican style sour cream, do yourself a favor and run to the store right now and get some! It's soooo good and deliciously creamy you just may never use regular old sour cream again! I find it in the section where they have Mexican cheeses, chorizo, fresh tortillas, etc., not where the regular sour cream is.

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missjo71 April 29, 2014

It is hard to find good recipes using ground chicken. It is healthy but bland. I'm glad I read the reviews first and knew I needed to add more flavor to this since my family likes things really tasty. We are watching our fat and carbs and the basic recipe is low in fat and carbs except for the flour, sour cream and the cream of mushroom soup so I used light sour cream to reduce the fat, used Healthy Request cream of mushroom soup and left out the flour (I found it was plenty thick without it). I used a whole onion, lots of fresh garlic, fresh mushrooms, lots of black pepper, no salt (the mushroom soup and the chicken broth made it plenty salty. I added some thyme and paprika too.Other than leaving out the flour, I added all the ingredients it called for. We served it over whole wheat pasta. It was pretty good but my husband and I both thought we might add a little white wine and/or some Dijon (or other) mustard next time. As someone else commented, it is a good base recipe but just needs some extra flavor.

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carlynles July 18, 2013

This recipe wasn't all that great. I always use Paula Deen's recipe for stroganoff, but decided to give this one a shot. The biggest thing is that it is very bland. I had to add more spices to make this taste good. I won't be making this again.

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cindyrocks88 May 21, 2013

This recipe was very bland! You will want to add a lot more seasoning for this to be good.

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madzcook July 10, 2012

Wow - was this a hit at OUR house?! I doubled the onion and added copious amounts of both salt and pepper, but other than that, exactly as written. Yummy - thanks!

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Pellerin June 05, 2006
Simple Ground Chicken Stroganoff