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I marinated four chicken hindquarters overnight in the mixture, using fresh Greek oregano from our garden. Forgot to add the lemon wedges but I made sure to serve the chicken with plenty of lemon on the side. Three types of potatoes added more color: red, gold and blue. Served with Green Salad With Pomegranate and Mandarin. A very simple and elegant dish but one that a beginner cook would have no problem preparing. Reviewed for ZWT 6.

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COOKGIRl June 13, 2010

I subbed a large skinless chicken breast half for the thighs (personal preference) and followed the instructions. Needed the hour to cook the chicken. It was tender and tasty! Served with Honey Almond Green Beans for a side dish. Great combination. Thanks for posting Michele. Made for Zwizzle Chicks for ZWT6.

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ElaineAnn June 10, 2010

I scaled this up for 3 serves using 6 thigh cutlets (skin on and bone in) and followed this recipe for 3 serves but after an hour of cooking at 175C fan forced the chicken was beautifully cooked but the potatoes were still hard so I took the potatoes out and put them in a separate dish and microwaved them for a few minutes and then gave them a spray with oil and put them under the grill/broiler to brown and crisp up a little. The chicken was moist and tasted beautiful and the addition of the roasted lemon to squeeze onto the chicken just really made the dish. Thank you MarraMamba, made for Everyday A Holiday tag game.

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I'mPat June 06, 2014

This made a nice dinner for 2. I did add several garlic cloves to the mix and used quartered red skinned potatoes. It was served with Fashoulakia (Greek Green Bean Side Dish) for a delicious dinner in Greece. Made for *ZWT6*

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PaulaG June 08, 2010

Oh so very yummy! I made it for supper last night, and was impressed. I love easy, and this is definitely going into the regular rotation. Made a few changes- quadrupled the marinade, used 8 chicken thighs, and added some souvlaki spices. Also, for the last 20 mins or so, I threw some fresh asparagus on top and let it cook. It was great!

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Tyshero March 03, 2010

Such an easy dish to prepare even at the end of the busiest day. Wonderfully flavoursome - we just love anything garlicky and citrusy! :) As I knew that three thighs would be ample for two of us, I simply doubled the number of potatoes. And the portions were just right for us! I did increase the garlic (personal taste preference): and we loved the classic oregano and lemon combination with the garlic. Thanks for sharing this super recipe!

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bluemoon downunder October 28, 2009

Great Greek chicken and potatoes!! I made this last Sunday for our dinner, along with a salad and garlic bread and it was totally enjoyed by all!!! I didn't have the skinless thighs so just made it with the skin on. This was quick and easy to get together, and made all in one pan, got to love that!!. I tripled the recipe for the marinade, and it worked great for us as far as flavor and for the seasoning, I also used Cavendar's Greek Seasoning!! Thanks for sharing the recipe Marra!!!

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diner524 October 28, 2009

I really didn't know if I should rate this 4 or 5 stars. I knew I would need more seasoning....I'd have to have some salt and pepper! So when baking, I topped with Cavendar's Greek Seasoning. I don't know how this would taste without it, but with it....it is fabulous! I do have a question about the serving size...3 thighs for one person? I had a package of 4 thighs, so I increased the marinade a bit and added 5 more small new potatoes....this was perfect for us. Served 2, with absolutely no leftovers, and everyone sucking their fingers for more! So its a 5 with the added seasonings! Thanks for posting. Made for Zaar Stars.

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breezermom October 10, 2009

I tripled the recipe. I let the chicken in the marinade for 30 minutes. And then baked everything. It was perfect. Great taste. Thanks Marra Mamba :) Made for Gimme 5 tag game

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Boomette August 18, 2009

A flavorful and satisfying meal with a classic pairing of my favorites. I marinated my chicken -- thighs and legs -- for an hour. I tossed the potatoes with the poultry to spread the seasonings around. Also added a half of a red onion cut in thin wedges to the pan and let it roast. Cooked for 40 minutes uncovered and the chicken was done, moist and tender, so I removed the meat and let the potatoes cook another 5 minutes so the would be a tad more tender. This also meant they cooked sitting right in the pan juices which gave them more flavor. I would suggest doubling the marinade and rubbing half on the potatoes to really give them flavor or perhaps giving them a quick toss with lemon pepper. Thanks Marra! Made for 123 Hit Wonders.

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justcallmetoni July 30, 2009
Simple Greek Lemon Chicken Thighs With Potatoes (Low Fat) for 1