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FYI, from my husband who is a veterinarian: DON'T use any type of baby food that has onion or garlic in it. It is harmful to dogs. I was surprised how hard it was to find a meat-based baby food that DIDN'T have these two ingredients.

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momtow July 05, 2012

Our dog loved it! Made for I recommend tag.

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Elaniemay May 11, 2010

We buy Frosty Paws for Breah quite often but making them is a lot easier on the pocketbook plus she loved the homemade version. I did use plain yogurt and beef baby food but next time will try and find some with no onions or garlic. Made for the What's On The Menu?? recipe tag game. http://4foodfriendsandfun.yuku.com/topic/420/Whats-on-the-Menu?page=1

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lauralie41 October 16, 2014

Wow!!! my Molly just loved this, like the others she was running round the dish not knowing quite how to get at it as it kept sliding in the dish, she kept looking at it then at me and cocking her head to the side, it was so funny poor wee Molly, but she did really really love them. I used turkey and veg baby food and soy yogurt. My picture won't load yet but I will keep trying.

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Tea Jenny July 31, 2010

Wow, were these popular! There was no hesitation on my Gunner's part, I peeled away the cup and dropped it into his food dish, and he dug right in. Pretty funny, he actually started circling his dish trying to lick it from every angle possible once the main chunk of it was gone. I shared them with some other doggie-owning coworkers, and am awaiting their feedback. One coworker said that her Rhodesian ridgeback puppy loved hers so much that she ate the cup, too! lol I'll definitely have to make some more of these as the weather gets warmer. Oh, and I couldn't find any plain chicken or beef baby food, so I used turkey baby food instead. Thanks for posting! :) EDITED TO ADD: sorry for the sideways pic, but I thought it was cute and I'm not sure how to rotate it -- Gunner's tongue is wrapped around my finger because he's trying to get to his Frosty Paws (while I'm trying to catch a decent picture of it with my cellphone) lol

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Muffin Goddess April 24, 2010

I knew Popcorn would enjoy this after she licked the prep bowl with great enthusiasm. When given the finished frozen product she first looked at me quizzically then devoured it. The beef baby food addition is brilliant. I used plain yogurt to make this and froze them in ice cube trays. I ended up with 18 frosty paw cubes. Made for Spring 2010 PAC.

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Dreamer in Ontario April 23, 2010

Bella and Regan heartily thank you! They have always loved plain "ice candy", and this just sent them over the moon. I can see me making these frequently this coming summer. Thnx for sharing your recipe, MyMagicMoo, and lots of doggy kisses from the fur babies. Made for PAC Spring 2010. You've been adopted! http://www.recipezaar.com/bb/viewtopic.zsp?t=327498&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=0

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Darkhunter April 22, 2010

My angels didn't know what to do with these at first, but soon figured it out!!! I took them out on my lunch break and let them lay in the sun...then gave these treats to them after they started panting...they loved them. I did use "no fat" yogurt, because my dogs are already "fat"! They loved these, and I'll make them throughout the summer. Thanks for sharing! Made for Spring PAC 2010.

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breezermom April 15, 2010

My oh My what a fantastic treat! Ty loooooves these Frosty Paws. They are so simple to make which I really enjoy. I froze them in an unused mini ice tray which is perfect for a quick little treat after a hot walk. Here in Texas we have had a long hot dry spell so these are perfect. My little girl just can't wait to make more and give them to Ty. Thanks so much for posting!

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PickyEaters August 12, 2009
Simple Frosty Paws