Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 0 mins

Even those who are "allergic" to vegetables will like this one! Simple and tasty. Locally this recipe is mostly used in summer, when the garden's cucumbers are abundant!

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  1. Peel cucumber and slice (crosswise, as thin or thick as you like).
  2. Mix vinegar, salt, and pepper in a serving dish (don't use a metal container!) Gently mix in cucumber.
  3. Best if refrigerated for one hour.
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My mom's garden is bursting with cukes! This is a great recipe for them. I did use fresh ground pepper, like you suggested, and it didn't disappoint. Thanks so much for posting!

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These are good. I like the bite from the vinegar but find that I prefer my cucumbers with a bit of sugar too, to balance the acidity. Thanks for posting.

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So yummy. I used red wine vinegar because that was all I had on hand. Great for warm weather.Served with beef kabobs and pecan rice. Thanks for a simple , easy recipe