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Unbelievable! I was left speechless... my husband actually rated this 5 stars!! He rarely comments on dinner and is extremely stingy with his stars. He insists 5 stars should be saved for something REALLY special. This was so easy to put together and everyone loved it. The onions and potatoes were nicely cooked and the crispy edges were delicious. I wouldn't add a thing! The salt, pepper, butter and onion perfectly flavored these potatoes. No leftovers here!

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yogi June 16, 2003

Don't be fooled by the simplicity of this recipe. I passed it by a couple of times, but when I did make it, it was fabulous! I added some dried garlic in between layers, and used red onions, and of course, I added the cheddar...but I am thinking parmesan might be even better. Give it a try -- you probably already have all the ingredients!

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Helen Connolly July 02, 2003

I'm making this recipe right now. I only used two potato's, one thin layer at the bottom, and one on top. And I only had half of a large onion available, so I diced it and used it for the middle layer. I also drizzled much more butter than recommended, four times as much total, a couple tbsp on each layer. Also several seasonings were added, parsley, sage, etc. Also a little bit of cheese was added in between the layers. I also topped the whole dish with parmesan and more cooking oil/spray while it was in the oven. It's passed the first 20 minutes covered, and is now finishing it's 40 minutes uncovered. I sliced the potatoes very thin, and only did layered them thinly... so I expect the cooking time to be less. But we'll see. i also added a generous amount of Louisiana hot sauce on each layer. I'll post this after the dish is ready and has been tasted so I can add a final review at the end...

This dish turned out great. In fact, I didn't have time to post, because I was busy preparing a second round. Yes, we actually finished the whole first dish, and went right back and made a second one. Which is all gone now. We decided against the third round, considering it's past mid night. I was very liberal with the hot sauce, and everything was delicious. I have many more potatoes and will be making this recipe again tomorrow, with some more enhancements, of course.


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mhfood October 24, 2010

Yummy Dish! My mom made something similar when I was growning up. I added a little sprinkle of garlic to the potato layers. Delish!!

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Regina in AZ August 28, 2010

my husband and I loved this! Not only because it was so tasty but because it was versatile! The next morning we fried it up and added eggs for a super yummy breakfast! With only the two of us we eat a lot of leftovers which can get really boring.

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lostcook August 18, 2007

I fixed this as a side dish to roasted chicken the other night. Wow! This is fantastic. I used red skinned potatoes, but I left the skin on and I used a mandolin to slice the potatoes and the onions super thin. If you make this as written it comes out fabulous. The only thing I did different was to up the temp on the oven to 400 for the last 10 minutes. They came out crispy and yummy. My father said they were the best potatoes he has eaten and he is a mashed potatoes lover. Thanks for posting. I will make these again and again!!

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virginiabeachkb July 18, 2012

his was very tasty and quick too! Added some thyme

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kel-Cie T May 15, 2009

Great recipe, try adding if you like spicy, garlic, cayenne, jalapeno or if not basil, oregano parsley. Can microwave leftovers for late nite munchies, won't be crisp but will be really good. One of the easiest and best great recipes I have found. A five star indeed. Thank you, Beachgirl

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rogerprakap March 30, 2008

Yummy recipe and very versatile! I used 4 medium potatoes in a pie pan. After the 20 + 40, I put it under the broiler to get them crispy. I think I will add garlic next time and also cheese, too. Thanks, BeachGirl! Made for Aus/NZ Recipe Swap #14

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SweetsLady March 07, 2008

This just didn't work for me. I might have put the potatoes and onions in too tall a casserole. The potatoes didn't cook and had to be put back in the oven for an additional 30 minutes.

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Pat from Ohio December 15, 2003
Simple Crunchy Potato and Onion Casserole - Low Cal