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Easy and fun - it is very quiche like. I couldn't find Mexican chili beans, so I used kidney beans seasoned with chili powder, cumin, and cayenne pepper. Thanks for sharing!

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Starrynews February 18, 2009

We really enjoyed these. I used chili beans that have some seasoning in them. I also used frozen corn which I defrosted first. I don't have jumbo muffin pans so I cut the corn tortillas using a very large glass as a template. Worked perfectly. My tortillas did crack a little when putting them in the muffin tins but they still held the filling together. I got 12 pies from this and had a little of the bean/corn mixture left over. I am going to try freezing a couple to see how they freeze and reheat. Thanks for a great recipe!

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JillAZ August 07, 2007

We had this for dinner last evening and my middle son enjoyed polishing off what was left. We topped these with a choice of three different salsas and it was very good. I did have a struggle with my corn tortillas tearing, even after heating so I switched out to my flour tortillas. They worked better, but still tore a time or two. I will try this again, maybe my tortillas weren't the freshest in town. Anyways, this was really good and could lend itself to many more flavors, kinda a whatever floats your boat kind of mini quiche when you use muffin tins, which I had to use. We will repeat this in the future I'm sure! Thanks so much! ZWT 3-Summer '07

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LoriInIndiana June 05, 2007

I used ranch style beans and drained them for this recipe. I felt the recipe needs a few more seasonings to jazz things up, but then we are spicy lovers. I would add things like green chilies, onions, black olives, cumin, and/or garlic next time. The recipe has lots of room to create the perfect flavor to fit any family. I used glass ramikens to bake these and the amounts in the recipe fit perfectly! I loved the corn tortillas for the shells. I microwaved the 8 for one minute to make them pliable. They molded beautifully without cracking and baked up into a crispy crust. Great idea! Made for ZWT 3 freezer challenge. I tried these as part of the ZWT3 freezer challenge.

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Susie D June 04, 2007
Simple Corn and Bean Tortilla Pies