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This was spectacular. I have recently gone gluten-free and found some gluten-free oat groats. This soup is now my chicken noodle soup! I didn't have green beans but added extras of the other veggies. I did not find this bland at all. The basil was the standout for me. I actually cooked the chicken in the pot until the outsides were not pink, then I boiled it with the soup. This left the chicken very tender. I would like to try this again soon with fresh chooped asparagus and maybe a hint of lemon juice.

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yogiclarebear December 30, 2009

I was looking for ways to tuck some more oat bran into my husband's diet to control cholesterol, and I'm happy to have found this soup idea using the whole grain oats. It is certainly healthy and very good, if a little bland - but the seasoning might easily be adjusted or altered. It's only drawback is that it can be some time and work, cooking the groats, cooking the chicken, prepping all those veggies. Still, I will likely make it again because I love the idea of using the oats in something besides breakfast. I'll bet a lot of people could benefit from this idea; it might be a good idea to add some search terms after the recipe title - e.g. [groats oats heart cholesterol]. I only found this recipe because I forgot to put the "s" on the end of groats!

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tmkurth September 30, 2008
Simple Chicken and Oat Groat Soup