Simple Cabbage Coleslaw

Total Time
20 mins
0 mins

A flavourful blend of shredded green cabbage, onion, parsley, and tossed with a lemon tahini dressing.

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  1. Finely shred cabbage and slice onion paper thin. Mix in a large bowl and add minced parsley.
  2. Whisk the rest of the ingredients and toss to coat. Adjust seasonings as needed.
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Not a big mayo fan, so this was up my alley. I added less mustard and 4 times the tahini for our tastes, and thought this was a good coleslaw. I think more tahini would be even better!

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Wow what a refreshing change! The parsley and lemon really bring a refreshing and fresh change to this nice slaw. Did make one mistake in that I forgot to add the tahini to the dressing, but we ended up not missing it and may leave it out next to. Because it was so refreshing and healthy we will be making again. Thanks for the post.

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Fresh lemon juice, parsley and tahini make this coleslaw super light, fresh and tasty. I love that it's not weighed down with fattenening mayo, but still tastes great! I will make this often. Thanx for sharing!