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A sweet and easy treat! I love the fact that it only took a minute to prepare and the work was done by the oven. (-; Would be nice topped with some fresh stewed fruit perhaps. Made for PAC Spring 2009. Thanks for posting Bayou Andy! (-:

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A Good Thing March 28, 2009

I had never had buttermilk pie before, and was really tempted to add nutmeg and cinnamon, like in my custard pie, but glad I resisted, because this really is good as is. The only problem is the amount of "batter" didn't quite fill a 9-inch crust. I will use a smaller crust next time or increase the eggs and buttermilk. Made for Fall 2012 PAC game.

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Outta Here October 21, 2012

My mother is 86. She lived during the Depression and truly did "walk miles barefoot on a dirt road" to school. And she knew her way around a kitchen. Now, when she asks me "where did I buy that custard pie I brought over last time?", it means a lot. I had already decided this was it for me, but Moms praise is priceless. As for variations on a theme, I added a teaspoon vanilla and about a minute or two before it's finished I hit the top with finely chopped coconut and hit broil, keeping a very close eye on it, at this point seconds are BIG, but it was a smash.

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rodney h. June 06, 2013
Simple Buttermilk Pie