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Very good, and pretty easy. Everyone liked these. They came out very fudgy and chewy/chocolaty. However, I was disappointed that the cheesecake was barely, discernable if at all. Mostly I only tasted the chocolate/brownie flavor and not much cheesecake flavor at all. Still yummy. 1 cup of mini morsels is a lot. Could probably reduce that some...maybe 3/4 cup would be enough.

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MathMom.calif December 25, 2006

These were absolutely delicious! Unlike the other reviewer, I had no trouble making these at all. I did have a smaller pan and had a hard time getting them done but it was my fault and I know that. What I did was actually cut all the done brownie off and recooked the rest. I don't know if that's allowed in the great world of cooking, but I was able to salvage some more of the mix. My sister said they were the best brownies she had had in a long time. They were not only good, they looked good! Thanks Chef Dee for yet another great dessert!

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Chef Mommie January 03, 2006

Made these this morning and served some tonite and they were a raving HIT!!! Sooo creamy and chocolaty. I must said they were worth the time to make and although it starts as a box mix, they were troublesome to make. I got to the point when mixing the brownie part that it was impossible to add all of the mix. I added another 1/4 cup of water and still left out about 1/4 cup of the mix. It was also difficult to cut the topping through the brownie mix and most of it remained on top. Nevertheless, they were a joy for the taste buds. Oh, make sure they are VERY chilled before you try to cut them.

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Happy Harry #2 December 09, 2005
Simple Brownie Cream Cheese Squares