Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 10 mins

This is how i make my brown gravy, and my fiance loves it this way. I hope you enjoy it too :) Mine tends to be more runny sometimes, so feel free to add more cornstarch slurry or use whatever thickening method you like. Sometimes I throw a little paprika in too, and this could easily be changed to make a chicken gravy simply by omitting the kitchen bouquet and using chicken bouillon. Also, sometimes I start the gravy by cooking the flour in the oil a little first then slowly adding water, then seasonings. Sorry for so much detail, just want everyone to know how easy it is to make yummy gravy from scratch :)

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  1. Boil all ingredients in a pot together, except for thickener.
  2. Once the mixture boils, mix the cold water + cornstarch / oil + flour into a slurry / paste in a small bowl. You may need to add a tiny bit more water, but it should be the consistency of runny glue with cornstarch, and a paste with the flour.
  3. Slowly pour in thickener, while stirring. Continue boiling for 2-3 more minutes, still stirring. If you're using flour and oil, simmer at least 5 minutes to be sure the flour cooks. Remove from heat and let cool to thicken more.
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I needed gravy for leftover roast beef and this was perfect. Be careful not to use rounded tablespoons of beef bouillion, as I did, because it will be salty. I used cornstarch for thickener because I love the shiny, silkiness of cornstarch. I will keep this recipe for many occasions, this is very good and easy! Thanks, Cypress.

kris.hodges_12155422 September 17, 2012

Great recipe. Easy and inexpensive, but a bit too salty. I used Herbox bouillon, which has 28% sodium. I will look for bouillon with a lower sodium content. For the thickener, I used 2 TBS flour and 4 TBS cold water, shaken in a jar and slowly added it to the boiling broth. Next, I am am going to try substituting the 2 C of water, with 2 C of low sodium canned beef broth, and skip the bouillon altogether.

scotth1152 January 21, 2013

Simply a great recipe, definitely one of the best that I've tried. Thanks!

Prate1 September 14, 2011