Simple Batter for Fish or Veggies

Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 5 mins

Just 3 ingredients, great for fish, mushrooms, onion rings etc. You can spice it up if you want, we sometimes add bay seasoning when frying fish.


  1. Mix all ingredients together.
  2. Dip food into batter and fry as desired.


Most Helpful

I made this today to batter some shrimp I had to use up. I did not have any problems what-so-ever. The batter stuck to the shrimp and I did not have any problems with splattering. Maybe the other reviewer had the oil too hot and/or water drops on fish? I do not know but it was great and I will use again. Thank you!

looneytunesfan February 06, 2006

This works very well. I had to experiment to get it right. You can add spices--salt, pepper, paprika, whatever--directly to the batter. I suggest frying small spoonfuls of batter first and taste-testing them to get the mixture right. When panfrying, medium heat seems to work best. Also, make sure you put enough oil in the pan so that the fish--or whatever you're cooking--floats off the bottom. Otherwise it might burn.

Greg C. August 02, 2015

After years of 'trying', I just thought I would check quickly online and found this recipe - used it for my sweet&sour chicken tonight and have joined this site as a result. The consistency was perfect and it fried in that golden dry way - I am really happy and agree with Looneytunesfan. Its easy to remember but have saved it anyway - so 'thanks' Dawnab!

sachasuzanne October 08, 2012

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