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What a great find!! I've always boiled my chicken breasts for sandwiches, but no more!! This has much more flavor. Made for Soup, Salads, Sandwiches, and Starters in Cooking Photos.

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Caroline Cooks April 02, 2008

This recipe is so quick! I used frozen chicken breasts and increased the cooking time a little more and the chicken was so moist and flavorful. I'll definitely be using this recipe again, Thanks for sharing.

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Nascar#88Fan December 07, 2010

This is an excellent recipe! I used six boneless breasts (the kind that are individually wrapped), 1 tablespoon of butter per breast, liberal garlic powder and moderate amount of mineral salt. I also poured a fair amount of vodka in the bottom of the pan. Covered with foil for the first hour, 15 minutes and then uncovered for the last 45 minutes to allow them to brown a bit. Covered back up with foil after they came out of the oven and allowed them to rest. They are simply amazing! We eat a lot of chicken in salads and I'm always looking for an easy way to cook a bunch at a time. Next time, I think I will try white wine. I will be making this one again! Marsha D., thanks for the recipe!

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Rose is Rose January 13, 2016

Came across this recipe today and proceeded to make these. I couldn't believe the simplicity of this recipe as I usually just boil chicken breasts. These came out great! My daughter and I both gobbled them up so quickly. This recipe is simple, fast, and full of flavor!

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jameser_m August 03, 2014

I was stuck for dinner tonight. I thought I had purchased the marinade I use normally for my baked chicken breasts, but I didn't and realized this as I was prepping dinner tonight. What a GREAT recipe! I've used similar for baking a whole chicken, but never thought to use this for boneless chicken breast.

I followed the recipe, used season salt, pepper and garlic salt. Since I was using so much salt, I decided to use unsalted butter. Came out perfect and got rave reviews! My fiance said it tasted like roast chicken and went for seconds (and thirds!). Paired it with broccoli in garlic and EVOO, and 2:1 potato:sweet potato mash. YUM!

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LEXI8381 October 30, 2012
Simple Baked Chicken Breast Fillets