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This Carrot Cake is superior. My family and friends told me it was the best carrot cake they have ever had. I used baby food carrots instead of peeling, cooking, & pureeing and it came out absolutely fabulous. I would recommned making sure you use the 9 inch spring form pans. I used on huge spring form and had to cook the cake for almost 2 hours. It didn't burn, but the edges were a little browner than I would have liked. The frosting - oh my goodness! is the best.

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sydney lynne May 10, 2011

Very good cake. Moist and not to spicy. Some carrot has all kind of spice in it but not this one. The cinnamon amount was perfect. I did not puree the carrot. I just used a very fine grater and grated the carrots. It came out just fine. Oh, and the frosting is to die for. I licked the bowl he he he. Thanks for posting the recipe.

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YungB January 16, 2012

A really good carrot cake. I see all kinds of additions, but usually stick to just carrot and spices in my cakes. However, the pineapple added a great tang and the coconut a lovely texture. Had to leave the nuts out as I'm allergic, but it still tasted great!

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anniesnomsblog June 15, 2015

Every year at a Christmas fundraiser auction, I offer cakes which I will make upon request; six highest bidders get to call me for a cake. By far, the most requested is carrot cake; this is the recipe I use, from the Silver Palate cookbook. Moist, rich, flavorful, not difficult to make at all. One of my friends gives a testimonial for it worthy of a camp meeting or revival. BE FOREWARNED: My recipe from the cookbook says two 9" pans. Balderdash! I bought 10" pans to accomodate this huge cake. Three 9 inch layers tend to slip and slide around and get very messy. Makes a ton of fabulous cupcakes if you prefer. If you have a large group to feed, make this cake. Bake the layers, wrap well, freeze and then bring them out and frost them. Cake keeps well and improves with age.

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Claire W. April 23, 2015

I have never liked carrot cake, hate the pieces of carrot in it. But this one I tried becuse the carrots were pureed. Incredible! I first made it 3 years ago for Thanksgiving and everyone went nuts for it. It is now a holiday staple at our house or whenever I get the urge to make one. I only have one springform pan so I just use my regular cake pans and it comes out fine. And this is the only cream cheese frosting I like to most are gross.

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kzcampbell November 24, 2013

I've made this cake many times over the past 2 decades and I would have hoped to have memorized it by now. Instead of pulling out my trusty Silver Palate Cookbook, I googled the recipe and came up with this one. Unfortunately, I didn't verify that the amounts of the ingredients were correct until the cake was already in the oven. Corn Oil according the the book is 1 1/2 cups, not 1. I hope and pray that the missing 1/2 cup of oil won't make a difference. :(

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bitsey22 April 05, 2013

I seldom take the time to write reviews on anything, but this is worthy! I made this for my grandson's birthday party...the guests went crazy for it. Great taste, texture, complexity; perfect in every way! (My son's dog liked it too...while I was letting cake cool, he ate an entire layer! GRRR!)

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francescag December 04, 2011
Silver Palate Carrot Cake