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This is so easy to do and perfect for lemon lover like I am. I reduced the sugar to 1/2 cup. But other than that, followed the recipe. It's creamy and yummy. I didn't put it in a sieve. The texture was perfect. Thanks Sydney Mike :) Made for Holiday tag game

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Boomette November 30, 2011

This turned out great! I served the pudding with blueberries, angel food cake and whipped cream. Just what I was looking for. Thanks for posting.

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Lucky in Bayview June 09, 2011

Wish I could give more stars! It was perfect. Smooth. I used two lemons and I could have thrown in one more, but that's just my taste coz I love lemons. This is going to be my special treat, when I feel down and I need something to lift my spirits up. I have another recipe for a quick lemon fix but this is my special one. It was like a food commercial, I took one spoonfull and was going :Ah, oh,mmm,yummy. Really enjoyed this and I'm so happy that the rest of the family was not such a big fan as myself. They ate it but they won't request the recipe, they're more into chocolate.Now that I think about it, my longest reviews are for lemon puddings. Funny,eh. The search is over for me. I'm set . Thanks for the recipe.

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littlemafia November 12, 2009

We made this with Meyer lemons from our tree, so decreased the sugar to a half cup and added an extra quarter cup of the lemon juice. It was delicious, and the lemony flavor and sweetness balance was just right for us. We also only have nonfat milk in the house, so used that, and it still tasted super rich and creamy. It is a bit of work with all the whisking, but homemade pudding doesn't compare to anything else. It was great as is, but even more decadent poured into a graham cracker crust for lemon pudding pie. One recipe was enough to fill one pie plus 2 custard cups.

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Maito May 25, 2014

Very refreshing dessert. Simple to make and used things I had on hand. I wasn't sure if I wanted to bother with straining the lemon zest out of the pudding at the end but it seemed only fair to make a recipe as the author directed for the first time at least! So I dutifully strained it and I'm glad I did. I think the zest might have become a little bitter at the end and the satiny feeling of this silky pudding was incredible. Thanks!

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Maven in the Making April 22, 2013

Wow Sydney Mike this is a fabulous pudding! I've never been able to find a scratch pudding recipe that makes a creamy product, but this does the trick. I used the zest and juice of two small lemons (just shy of 1/2 cup juice), next time I'll be sure to have the full amount. Thanks for the keeper!

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lolablitz July 16, 2012

I was in the mood for some lemon meringue pudding so I topped your pudding with meringue and baked. I omitted the butter to save a few calories. This turned out "picture perfect" and tasted divine! Thanks so much Sydney Mike, for posting.

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Roxygirl in Colorado March 24, 2011

Fabulously tart lemon pudding! I've been looking for a homemade lemon pudding recipe and have found the perfect one! I knew I could count on you for that true lemon flavor Syd. I bet you increased the zest amount from the original...it was one of the first times I didn't feel the need to increase it myself. I followed this exactly and it was fairly simple except for having to push it through the strainer but that gave it a lovely smooth texture. I enjoyed mine with whipped cream...YUM! Made for the Please Review tag game.

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Engrossed December 09, 2010

Oh wow! this is awesome. I have tripled the recipe everytime it's that good! I cook it in the microwave, and stop it every 2-3 minutes to stir everything up. This is great hot too, if you just can't wait, but better cold with whipped cream. Going to make some tonight!

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dara K. April 09, 2010

Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful recipe Syd. You should know that I am not a big pudding fan, that said, I enjoyed it very much. It was perfect, great flavor, light and fluffy, not overpowering in anyway. This was so quick and easy to make, I will be enjoying it often. I did leave the lemon zest out, as my wee granddaughter was visiting and it would have been to tart for her. She loved it, dipped her strawberries in it. Made for Best of 2013 Tag Game.

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Baby Kato February 10, 2014
Silky Lemon Pudding