Silent Night Martini

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2 mins
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Found this little lovely on my new obsession, Pinterest. It comes from Kate who writes the blog "Grin and Bake It" ( So luscious! I really loved it and wanted to be able to share! Enjoy!

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  1. Rim your martini glass with sugar.
  2. Add all ingredients to ice, in a shaker cup; give a good shake and pour into your glass!
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What a sweet delight that as another review wrote does pack quite a punch. And the color was prefect as we were having a little it%u2019s going to be a boy get together. Thanks for the post.

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Shared with my sister. The good thing...the rest of my day will be all uphill. As far as Sister#2, the rest of her day will be a real b...omb.

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Oh wow this is a fantastic drink! Sweet and smooth and packs quite a punch. I used powdered sugar to rim my glass and thought it was a perfect touch. Loved this - thanks for sharing the recipe!