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Peppermint, This was fabulous. Already I am making plans with the leftovers for future breakfasts with a tortilla and scrambled egg. Also, bread & butter to dip into the sauce and scoop up the beans will be good too. The taste is simple and delicious. Thank you for sharing.

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Amber of AZ September 21, 2003

We had these delicious beans for dinner tonight served over whole wheat cornbread. Yummy! I used a home-canned pint jar of beef roast with the liquid, 2 C pinto beans, 1 can of Rotel, 1 can tomato sauce, and 2 T dry onions and a bit of water. Just prior to being done, I ended getting involved in some yard work and forgot about it. Ended having to add a bit of some tomato juice I had in the fridge and bit more water so there was some liquid. Point is that even though I let it cook too long, it was an easy fix and still delicious. Loved that I can make this and the whole wheat cornbread all from pantry foods.

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charlie #5 October 08, 2010

The flavor was certainly tasty:). Our only problem was that with only 2 people, the baby isn't quite ready for this, to feed we ran out of ideas on how to eat this all. I think it's a great option for 4+ person family to eat roast in a different preparation.

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rhilborn August 08, 2009

This has become our favorite recipe for roast and for beans! The first time I made this, I had some frozen chopped green chiles from New Mexico and I cooked it in the oven all day. OMG....it was to die for! I have since had to make it with canned green chiles since that was all I had. I have to tell you, it was not the same, but it is still very good. I can't wait for another trip to New Mexico so that I can stock up on frozen chiles!

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jstocker July 23, 2008

This was very good and totally different. Thank you

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Lisa316 March 03, 2008

I especially enjoyed the beans in this easy dish. It would probably be a good idea to spell out in the directions that the crock pot should be on high. I put it on low and was unpleasantly surprised at the end of the first 7 hours. Because the meat was totally covered in liquid, it seemed more like the meat was boiled, still good though. I used three cups of beans which made more than I could use, so I froze the rest and look forward to using them in something else later.

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tara portee March 01, 2008

This was fantastic and very tasty! Never had beans and roast before and everyone loved it. Served with cornbread. The only change I made: instead of the tomatoes, chiles, tomato sauce and onion, I dupmed an equal amount of Old El Paso (medium heat) salsa on top of the beans and meat.

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motoe February 10, 2008

What a fantastic recipe for crockpot beef. I've never cooked roast beef and dry pinto beans together before, but it won't be the last. My biggest problem with it was the length of time it took to cook even though I preboiled/soaked the pinto beans before adding them to the crockpot with the roast. I suspected that that would be the case, so I removed the roast when it tested done to my liking after about 6 hours. I didn't want the meat to be so tender it fell apart, just very tender and it was. I continued to cook the beans until they were done then returned the roast to the crockpot long enough to heat it through. I served it with flour tortillas, Mexican rice, pico de gallo, and sour cream. Everybody at the table enjoyed this meal tremendously, and I will definately make it again. If I weren't feeding children, I'd have added an additional 4 oz. can of green chilis (I only used one). I did use mild Rotel tomatoes with green chilis instead of regular canned, diced tomatoes. Again if I'd had my way, I'd have added the spicier version of Rotel. I'd have also chopped at least one jalapeno pepper into it (I love spicy food) but the rest of the family wouldn't eat it if I made it to my liking; so sad! I did use a 2.5 lb. boneless chuck roast and 3 cups of uncooked pinto beans. I also added 2 tsp. of chopped garlic, I think next time I will increase the garlic and lastly, I added about 2 tsp. of beef boullion granules to the beans. Thanks so much peppermintkitty for sharing your super recipe.

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Happy Hippie November 27, 2007

I made this as written, except for the tomato sauce. I didn't have any. I did use a whole can of tomatoes with chiles though. This was flippin amazing. SO good. We made taco salad with it, and holy moly. I cannot say enough great things about this recipe. I will use the tomato sauce next time, just to see how it is that way, but it is delicious without too. Thanks!!!

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Amanda Beth July 09, 2007

This recipe is very good. Very nice beefy and hearty recipe. We really enjoyed this. The next time I think that I will add potatoes to this. That would be very good in this dish. For some reason it also took longer to cook. Maybe my crockpot cooks slow. I cooked it in my large crockpot. Thank you so much for a great recipe, Kitty.

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Gingerbear May 18, 2004
Siesta Roast N' Beans