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This also makes a wonderful 'deep dish' pizza crust as pictured above. The recipe will make one deep dish crust. Brush rimmed baking sheet with olive oil, place dough into pan and shape and dimple with finger tips. Brush top with olive oil and pre-bake at 425 F for 7 minutes - then add toppings and bake for another 10-15 minutes.

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Lisa Pizza September 10, 2002

This recipe makes an extraordinarily good crust, unlike ANY of the commercial ones I have ever tasted. It was fresh and flavourful. For the first time ever I saw the crust as a positive contributing factor to the ultimate taste of a pizza rather than just something to support all my favourite toppings. It begs the question, why haven’t I done this before? I think my perception was that it would be time-consuming and difficult may be the ultimate answer. It was neither. While the dough did it’s rising thing, I merrily sliced and diced my favourite fixings. When it came to assembly I was pleasantly surprised to find that I didn’t have to send the dough artfully spinning off into space to achieve a successful crust. It was great fun, thank you Lisa. (prepared for the COOKOUT Cookathon July 1st – July 4th 2002

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Myrna in London July 09, 2002

I have been using this pizza dough recipe for many months and it always turns out perfect - very tender and crispy. After spreading dough out onto baking sheet, I brush it with a little olive oil and let it rise for about 15 minutes more. This makes for a light pizza dough. Also, I bake it at 450 degrees for approximately 10 minutes. Great recipe!

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Marie September 12, 2002

This was so easy and so great!! The photo had me drooling and the reviews won me over - I had to give this a try and am so glad I did. I made two smaller pizzas and it came out exactly like it was supposed to - flavorful, crips exterior, soft interior - no mushy spots. I found the directions to be very clear and helpful - my young daughter wanted to help and the directions made it easier for a beginner cook to follow along. Thanks for this great recipe!

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HeatherFeather March 28, 2003

Used this to make Stromboli. I only ended up using about 3 2/3 cups flour but only because I got tired of kneading! It still turned out great. It baked up pretty crispy but only because I rolled it so thin. Thanks for a great recipe.

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Quiltingqueen January 22, 2010

Another thing that really helps make the crust more tender. Is make the dough in advance, a day or two, store in the refridge, punch down when needed. It really give the flour time to blend and meld into all the other ingredients. I got this tip from a Pizza professional, known for his great pizzas!

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michEgan February 08, 2004

This makes two nice sized pizzas, about a medium size thin crust. The texture was great, crisp but with a little chew. I built up the edges just a little and brushed them with olive oil then sprinkles Johnny's Garlic Seasoning and Spread over the olive oil. We topped the pizzas with pizza sauce from a jar, shredded mozzarella and cheddar and some pepperoni and baked on perforated pizza sheets for 10 to 12 minutes at 425 degrees. IF I had used all the dough for one pizza I could have gotten one large or extra large pizza with a hand tossed type crust, a little thicker. And I would have to cook it a bit longer most likely about 15 to 20 minutes.

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razzintaz March 13, 2012

Seriously amazing dough. I made this to imitate a Sicilian pizza we had in New York. I think my husband is spoiled now and I'll be making pizza a lot more. I topped it with a simple tomato sauce (tomato sauce, olive oil, Aleppo pepper flakes, basil, oregano, garlic powder), thinly sliced fresh sweet tomatoes, caramelized onions with a little fresh garlic thrown in and topped with fresh grated Parmesan Reggiano cheese, baked it at 500 degrees for 12 minutes.

My only comment was that the recipe doesn't state what to do with the other half of the dough. In my experience, if you make a dough and refrigerate it, you should refrigerate it before letting it rise though I think this dough could take a second rising. I refrigerated mine after the 30 minute rising so will see how it does when I bake it.

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mew5280 October 05, 2010

fabulous recipe i have made it at least 5 times!! i love it the best on the barbaque and with fresh tomatoe

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cherryontop July 25, 2010

Made the dough day before yesterday and let it sit in the fridge overnight (which I do every time I make dough). Made three pizzas...two on the stone and one in the pan...all turned out really good. This is my second favourite dough recipe. The first is my own creation :)

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simsimma4 May 24, 2010
Sicilian Pizza Dough