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I didn't want to give a full review, as this is only for the custard filling. Oh boy, oh boy. This stuff is FANTASTIC by itself. It was delicious right off the stove and even better after sitting in the refridgerator overnight. I just had some by itself in a bowl. I added a pinch of salt and a little bit less than the sugar called for. I will give it proper(5! just based on the filling alone! ) stars once I make the cream puffs! Thank you!

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PKG November 27, 2008

Japanese visitors I served this to recognized it immediately, but said the pastry was usually thinner. I would bake it longer than 20 min. (in my oven, anyway), and possibly at a higher temperature. It was pronounced a hit, however. Thanks!

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rburnham October 10, 2008

This reminds me of the Japanese hotcakes we get from the malls wherein the texture is different from other hotcakes we know of. It's like a cross between a soft bread roll and hotcake and it doesn't rise as high as others. The custard cream's delicious and creamy with the right sweetness as I used a blend of real sugar and substitute. I didn't use the optional powdered sugar as the sweetness was just right. After letting DH have one, he gave me this big grin and said, "6 stars!" He immediately followed me, got another 2 and after seeing everything I made(12 mounds) he said I still should have made more! I would have wanted to double the custard to make them look thicker and more catching, but taste wise, they were perfect as it is. For those who like them looking king size, then doubling the custard filling would be an option. The dough is different from other cream puffs, but this is the Japanese version which is also great in itself. Thanks for sharing! Made for PAC Fall 2008.

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Pneuma October 01, 2008
Shu Cream (Japanese Cream Puff)