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I tweaked the recipe. I used a mixture of flour and cornflour plus salt. and I sprayed the battered prawns (shrimp) with oil and baked them in a 200 deg C (400 deg F) oven. I used jumbo Mozambican prawns which are wild-caught and so much healthier and tastier than any farmed prawns/shrimps. It's winter here, so my husband wanted "sticky rice" as well, and I made a large and filling salad as well. I coloured the rice with turmeric because it looks nice! Thanks for the recipe!

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Zurie August 16, 2013

I used rice flour and club soda and added a dash of salt. It was wonderfully light and crispy when cooked in very hot (400 degree) oil. One word of warning: If you use club soda use a larger bowl because as you mix the flour and club soda the batter foams way up (in almost comic book fashion). The rice flour makes a silkier batter as it is finer than regular flour. Thank you very much for this great recipe.

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Callinectes Sapidus September 13, 2009

This was just OK for me. It didnt really have the crispiness and lightness of the tempura's ive had before but it was alright.

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Niki Z June 19, 2006
Shrimp Tempura