Shrimp Tacos With Cilantro Lime Yogurt and Corn Salsa

Total Time
20 mins
10 mins

I found this recipe in an American Profile magazine and made a couple changes to my own taste!

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  1. Combine all the ingredients for the yogurt in a bowl, cover and chill.
  2. Combine all marinade ingredients in a zip lock bag, add shrimp and let set for 15-20 minutes at room temperature.
  3. Combine all ingredients for salsa in a bowl and set aside.
  4. Remove shrimp from marinade; discard marinade.
  5. Cook shrimp in a large skillet over med heat 2 minutes per side.
  6. Remove from heat and cool.
  7. When shrimp are room temp slice in halve lengthwise and set aside.
  8. Divide shrimp evely among taco shells.
  9. Top each with a handful of lettuce, 2 tbls corn salsa and 1 tbls. cilantro yogurt.
  10. Serve right away.