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Awesome! I would suggset making more avocado sauce, this doesn't make very much. Otherwise a wonderful recipe, I will definitely make this again.

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jojo0676 February 22, 2009

AWESOME! Thank you so much for the recipe. We LOVE these baja shrimp taco's. You could fry the shrimp in this batter just for fried shrimp and the avocado dip is good with a little red pepper by itself. Thank you for sharing!

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876599 June 29, 2008

This recipe is AMAZING!!! I have been searching for a decent baja shrimp taco recipe ever since I came back from there and I have finally found it with this one! When I ate them it was as if I was right back in La Paz on the malecon! Thank you for this recipe!!

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pinksrt4_12411483 September 15, 2014

Great batter!! We've only delved into 'beer batter' (which is what I would call this, essentially) in our house a few times, and maybe twice successfully. The recipe I used then calls for pancake mix and since I've quit buying that, I'm glad to stumble upon a replacement recipe without a bunch of trial and error. I agree with a previous post that said they thought this could be a great basic batter without having to be exclusive to tacos. I didn't have any rice flour in the pantry, but the final result was fine. DH wished they would've been a touch crunchier... wonder if the rice flour would've contributed to crunch factor? We're die-hard flour/egg/panko fry-ers.... so it takes alot to convince us of any other way!! =)
I had enough batter for over two dozen large spot prawns, about a pound of halibut I decided to pull out at the last minute as well as a few sections of king crab meat (probably equivalent of 3 or four legs). I didn't make the avocado sauce, as the only salvageable avocado I had went into the slaw mixture I created.

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EAT IN PSG January 15, 2013

This shrimp taco recipe is FANTASTIC, especially the beer batter. It was the BOMB!! I cooked this recipe exactly as it says. The avocado sauce was nowhere near enough though. Guacamole works great for those tacos. This recipe is definitely a keeper!

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SharonChen July 14, 2015

We made these last night and then had plenty of leftover batter to deep fry 3 lbs of cod tonight. My rating pretty much centers around the batter which is excellent. It was our first time to have shrimp tacos but we have made and enjoyed fish tacos for years. I always used Gorton's whole breaded tilapia that you oven bake for convenience and is pretty tasty when you feel like being lazy on fish prep. However, I've also experimented with my own fish batter for different types of white flaky fish and tried other recipes not my own with good success, but I have to say Cookiedog's is the absolute best!

Ok, so we still prefer fish tacos over shrimp, but the shrimp tacos were still very good. The sauce was also pretty good, however...I like my made up version better, which was inspired by the fish tacos I used to enjoy when I lived in Arizona. Basically, it's equal portions of mayo and sour cream with lime juice and salsa mixed in. I buy a bag of the dry shredded cole slaw and mix it up with chopped onion and a bunch of chopped cilantro. I also like to fry my corn tortillas for more texture but still foldable. A nice dollop of good hot sauce such as Cholula(my fave) or El Yucateca Chile Habanero(my husband's fave) finishes it off beautifully. Now back to the batter: my husband told me to throw away all other recipes because this one's a keeper. Thanks Cookiedog!

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shortcakes November 10, 2011

Excellent shrimp tacos. I Loved the batter as it was crisp and light. I did one tilapia fillet just to see how that did but I definitely loved the shrimp better. I did one lb. of shrimp plus the tilapia and still had batter left. Could have done another half lb. shrimp if they were thawed. I used both vinegar and lime juice in the sauce. Will have these all the time. Quick and easy but best of all the flavors are wonderful.

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adopt a greyhound July 02, 2011

So delicious!!! We all loved these!! I added some cayenne pepper to both of the sauces for a little more kick. The batter for the shrimp is just wonderful!!. So glad you shared this with all of us cookiedog.

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septfair August 03, 2010

I have recently found a love for shrimp tacos and have wanted them often after trying them at a local fish rest. This recipe is so-ooo good that I will be making them very often now. I was lazy as I usually am and just used store bought frozen breaded shrimp. For anyone who does this an 8 ounce package makes about 6 tacos. I made the mayo sauce using light mayo since that's what we use here and I added in a little bit of chalula sauce to kick it up a bit, yum! Also I made the avocado sauce and added in some garlic, cayenne,oregano, salt and pepper since i wasnt seasoning my own shrimp that way. The sauces turned out so good this way, we will be making them again for sure! Served it on steamed corn tortillas with cabbage. I will try making this using the batter recipe also one of these days but having a baby at home makes these extra tasks more difficult, until then making it this way will do. thank you for such a great recipe! :)

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cali~jenn May 04, 2009

These shrimp tacos are simply thee best. I made these for my husband last night and he loved them. I will definitely use this recipe again. Thank you so much. Very yummy and very easy..

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Onlyuhunni July 10, 2008
Shrimp Tacos