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This was a really interesting, easy to make salad and just perfect for a hot summer day with enough left over for lunch. I used reduced sodium taco seasoning mix and beans to try to lower the sodium in the salad and used green bell peppers instead of red. Although next time I may add more vegetables (maybe zucchini or other summer squash) this was a great out-of-the-ordinary type of salad.

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ellie_ August 06, 2002

She's right! It's a lot easier that it looks! I used red wine vinegar in the dressing and it was wonderful. We LOVED the kicky taste of the shrimp! I plan on making this one a lot this summer! Thanks Leeannr!! :-)

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MizzNezz January 28, 2004

Leeannr..made this for dinner tonight for DH and myself, what a big hit, it was fantastic.... DH says he wants this at least once a week...the shrimp had such a wonderful flavor, and it was not that hard to put together, the only thing I changed was, I did not have any black beans, so I used chick peas instead, and I added just a little fresh minced garlic to the dressing...I would highly recommend this salad, it is worth making, I am looking forward to making this again very soon....delicious! thanks so much for posting Leeannr...KC :-)

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Kittencal@recipezazz April 19, 2004

Thank you so much for posting! Used the recipe as a 'guide' and used what I had on hand. Included green anaheim pepper, red pepper, onion, fresh corn off the cob, the garlic and shrimp into a pan. (peppers and onion first, for a bit then corn and shrimp at the same time) Placed lettuce on plate, added black beans and a bit of cheese - and then topped with the hot shrimp/veg combo and dressed with dressing. Very healthy and excellent lunch. I'll be making this again - many times!

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Gidget265 June 01, 2014

What a great salad! I would suggest that the red peppers and onion which goes into the dressing be really finely chopped. I didn't have black beans, but that was fine. I thought the dressing didn't go far enough, but in the end I thought I put too much on fine, even tho it wasn't a lot. I also made taco beef meat, which both DH and DD put on with the sour cream, etc. They liked the added flavor. A really great recipe for summer!!

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Chill April 19, 2011

My wife and I really enjoyed this salad. The only change I made was to substitute my own taco seasoning blend for the packaged mix. The recipe seems to suggest that this salad is to be served warm, but next time I will prepare the shrimp earlier in the day and chill it and serve it as a cold salad. Thanks for the recipe!

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Skypoodle July 23, 2010

I'm impressed. A salad my husband actually complimented me for! He only likes chicken salad. Thankyou for the recipe!!

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Rozanne in Texas March 07, 2005
Shrimp Taco Salad