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This is to die for. Shrimp, garlic, butter, and white wine over linguine noodles. Doesn't get any better or easier. I made this when my parents came for a visit. We all throughly enjoyed it. Thanks Nurse Di.

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Sunflower August 29, 2002

Five stars isn't good enough for this wonderful recipe. Ingredients and directions were easy and perfect. They didn't need any alterations at all. The only problem I had the first time I made it was that the shrimp never made it to top the linguine - they were all gone. They are so good we just sat and ate them, then I had to go make another batch to go over the linguine. I sure didn't mind doing that. Great Nurse Di.

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Terrilynn November 26, 2002

NurseDi, this dish is wonderful. Really restaurant quality. Ok, here is what I did cooking for 2 who are trying to lower the carbs. I used 3/4 lb. white shrimp (med. lg.). I only had 4 large garlic cloves, so I used them all. I used dry white wine. I served the well flavored, beautifully pink shrimp on a bed of saut├ęd fresh spinach. You can guess that the visual appeal of the pink and green combination was fabulous. The shrimp was fabulous. You are fabulous for sharing this wonderful recipe. Thank you!!!

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Miss Annie April 17, 2003

This is delish! I started the sauce in a combination of olive oil and butter, added in a few shakes of hot pepper oil, and finished it with lots of Parmesan. Adding the slightly underdone pasta to the scampi sauce to finish cooking really helped the flavors to marry. Thanks for sharing!

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JessHinkson January 24, 2010

EXCELLENT RECIPE. This is better than any shrimp scampi I have had at a restaurant. I added the juice of one fresh lemon. I also added a bit of cornstarch with water like other reviewers, but it would have been fine without it too. I used freshly ground pepper and extra garlic. Delicious. Thank you for this great recipe.

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JOY1998 March 03, 2009

OMG, this is WONDERFUL, just had the leftovers from last night and it tasted even more fabulous than it did last night. I have always made my shrimp scampi to rave reviews, but my recipe called for Olive oil instead of the butter, imagine my surprise last night when i realized i didn't have enough olive oil for my scampi...i quickly came on recipezaar, knowing full well i would find a recipe that didn't use olive oil and found yours. Boy am I glad I did that, it's amazing! Thank you so so much for an amazing recipe! (don't tell grandma, but i'm using your recipe instead of hers from now on!!!)...thanks again

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ItalianMomof2 June 21, 2008

This was a great recipe. It was a big hit the only thing I did diffrently was as it was cooking I noticed that the sauce was a little thinner than I wanted it so I took some of the sauce in a seperate bowl and added some corn starch to thicken it and mixed it well with the remaining sauce. When it was done I topped it with parmasean cheese. Wonderful Thanks for sharing this.

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Smpl Plzurs May 23, 2007

Nothing like making your own Scampi! So Good! The only change I did was use angle Hair pasta. No left overs. I wish their was more than just 5 stars because my family rated this 10 Stars! A must have again.

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BLUE ROSE February 15, 2006

I made this for dinner tonight. I used an opened bottle of wine I had on hand, and served over Barilla Plus angel hair pasta. I doubled the garlic, which is typical. We are a garlic loving family. Wish there was a was to make the sauce a little thicker. Next time I will add the cooked pasta to the pan with the sauce and let it soak in the flavor a little. We did end up adding a little garlic salt w/parsley and fresh grated parm to the top.

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whtbxrmom February 01, 2013

I really liked this recipe! I give it four stars because I think it calls for too much butter. I only used half the butter and it was plenty. I will definitely make this again. I did not have any parmesan this time but will add it at the end next time. I used about a half a teaspoon of salt, and although the sauce by itself was a bit salty, it was perfect with the shrimp added in. I served over saffron rice this time, but will use pasta next time. I think I will cut the butter even further next time to a quarter cup (a half-stick) and increase the wine by half. I also sauted the garlic in the butter for a while before adding the wine. After adding the wine, I let it simmer for about 5 minutes to mature the flavor. It was really wonderful. Thanks for an amazing recipe!

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eesmith5118 January 02, 2011
Shrimp Scampi