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Sooooo good! I don't know why it called just "shrimp on the barbie" though...
It should be called "thai style coconut/green curry prawns"!
Everyone loved it at the party I made them for! ...looked really fancy on the lemongrass skewers too!

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aliono September 08, 2010

If it's listed under "Australian foods" it wouldn't be correct to call it shrimp....they aren't shrimp, they're prawns. And it's not even funny anymore to say "shrimp on the barbie" and this is coming from an aussie. "Prawns on the barbie" is/sounds way more fun and Australian (plus more eye catching when you're scrolling through recipes). Listing it as "jumbo shrimp" in the ingredient list is obviously helpful to foreigners (I'll agree on that). Great recipe, two thumbs up!

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Natasha L. March 20, 2015

This is wicked good shrimp! The flavors are delicious, my only complaint was not cooking more of them! I did add extra curry paste as I thought the sauce needed more zing, but I made my own so it might have been I didn't make it hot it enough though it seems really spicy, maybe the coconut milk really tones it down, anyways it was easy to add more. Love the lime, it's both subtle and bright. I didn't have lemon grass stalks but added already chopped lemon grass to the marinade. I used low fat coconut milk so added a splash of heavy cream to the marinade I was cooking down to give it a little more body. The shrimp cooked in less then 5 minutes but still had a nice grill taste. The mint was superfluous. This would make a great dish for company and I can't wait to make it for my DH. Thanks for sharing! Made for ZWT 9 SE Asia - Tradition with a Twist of Innovation Challenge hosted by Grilling and BBQ Forum by one of Mike and the Appliance Killers

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momaphet August 25, 2013

Yum! I couldn't fine lemongrass stalks, so I had to use metal skewers, but otherwise made according to the recipe. I tasted the marinade before putting the shrimp in, and it was pleasantly spicy, I think the spice level mellowed a bit on the grill. I'm really glad I had the reserved marinade to drizzle over the finished shrimp, to add back that bit of heat. The flavors are wonderful together, with the lime just balancing the fish sauce, so neither is overpowering. Made for the Seasoned Sailor and his Sassy Sirens, ZWT6.

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IngridH May 20, 2010

Delicious! My market only had the medium shrimp this weekend, so I am looking forward to trying this again with the jumbos. The mediums cooked too fast to get "grill marks" on them. The sauce is great! I also couldn't find any decent lemongrass stalks I wanted to spend the money on so I added about 2 tsp. of lemongrass paste I had in the 'fridge to the marinade.

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Outta Here July 19, 2009

Loved the sweet curry flavor of these shrimp!! Grilled up quickly! Made for Las Mistico Magicos Sirenas of ZWT 5.

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Kim127 May 21, 2009

Very yummy. I reduced this recipe for 2. I had some vegemite that was given to me as a gift from Australia and used a bit of that to the marinade and reduced the amount of coconut milk to a minimum to control the fattiness. Thank you for posting this recipe. Made for ZWT 5.

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Rinshinomori May 19, 2009
Shrimp on the Barbie