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Your in for a treat with this recipe we loved it. The flavor of the bacon wrapped around the shrimp was soooo good! Easy to make, just make sure you don't over grill the shrimp. I made this for my daughter, her date and 5 other of her friends that came over to have their dinner here before Prom this spring. They thought it was pretty cool eating dinner with my fine china and linens. Oh yes, I even had my set of double candlesticks on the table for them. Wish I could thank you Miller, God rest your soul.

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Charlotte J June 27, 2006

We first tried this recipe while in Port Aransas, Texas, with shrimp fresh off the local fishing boats. It was perfect then and is just as good with the shrimp we brought home in the freezer. I use precooked bacon and put the veggies on separate skewers, as I like them cooked longer than the few minutes it takes to grill shrimp. Excellent with Black Bean salad #90363 and Sonoran Rice #16671

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Marjie501 May 28, 2006
Shrimp Kabobs