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Oh, how funny -- I have this cookbook too, and I just made this for dinner about a week ago! I really liked this, because I thought the addition of the cola was a nice counterpoint to the spice, but not too sweet. DH didn't like it as much as I did, but he's very picky about sweet in his foods. My batch turned out a bit garlicky,because I messed up and dumped the shrimp in the pan with marinade and all. I like garlicky stuff, so I didn't mind the addition, but I think that's the other reason that DH didn't enjoy this as much as me (he's pretty picky about how much garlic I can add to dishes, too). Now, I'm kinda picky about sweet/savory things together (not nearly as much as DH though), and I thought that the cola in the dish was pretty subtle for the amount added. It was a nice hint of sweet without being too prominent in the finished product. I would definitely make this for myself again (maybe even the right way this time lol), but I'll probably do it on a "boys night out" so I don't have to worry about making a different kind of sauce for Mr. Picky. Thanks for posting (especially because you posting this means I don't have to get my cookbook all dirty the next time I want to make this, I can just print it out)! :)

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Muffin Goddess March 02, 2009
Shrimp in Chipotle Sauce