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This is so good! I've made it a few times now and patience is key in making of the roux. You can't hurry it along. I had DH stirring and he kept saying, "But it DOES look like peanut butter. It's done." But, I kept making him stir - probably about 15 minutes (of whining) altogether. Then when the chopped vegetables are added, it smelled wonderful. I can only imagine how great this would be with nice, fresh shrimp rather than the frozen I was forced to use. Note: I think I checked with Denise! once before on this and it should actually be UNCOOKED shrimp that you use.

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Just Call Me Martha January 08, 2010

This is a very good recipe. I boiled my shrimp heads and shells for the stock and left out the beer, just cause I did not have any. I chopped my veggies fine and garnished my plate servings with chopped green onion. Served over rice with steamed veggies in cheese sauce, and garlic bread. My family was well pleased. For those who thought the sauce was to thin just cut back some on the stock until you add the shrimp, because the shrimp release liquid as they cook. More so with frozen than fresh. You can add more stock at the end if needed.

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pat in la June 05, 2011

I just tried this recipe. First let me say that it is the best etouffee I have ever made, easily. And I have made quite a few.
I exchanged the ground red pepper and white pepper for a 1/4 tsp of cajun spices I had. Then I increased the red pepper flakes to 1/4 tsp and added 1/4 tsp of cayenne then omitted the tabasco. All that said it came out perfect. The spiciness was just right for me. Other than the changes of spices I followed the recipe as written. I will make this my go to recipe for ettoufee. Thank you so much for posting this Denise.

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Doyle O. September 19, 2010

OMG this is my new favorite food! The taste was excellent, but after adding the shrimp, it wasn't spicy enough. I adjusted the spices and thought about 6 cloves of garlic; 1/2 tsp of the black pepper, white pepper, red pepper, red pepper flakes; and about 15 dashes of Tabasco was optimal. I also used a stainless steel wok since I didn't have a cast iron pan and had no problem getting the roux to the right consistency. Other than that, I followed the recipe exactly and it was soooo delicious. Served it with white rice and some more stout. My picky fiance liked it so much that for the first time ever he said "I don't have any problem chopping vegetables for THAT recipe." Very high praise from him.

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I<3butter! May 04, 2009

I tried this recipe today and LOVED it! It took a little time to make the roux, but it was such a nice peanut brown after about 20 min (in my pan that is just stainless, not cast iron). It stuck nicely to the veggie mixture and they softened up really well after the 15 minutes. I didn't make it very spicy--my family isn't into the spicy--but I added extra hot sauce to my bowl and it was perfect. It's always nice to cook with beer...I like to have the rest of the bottle! I will definitely make this again, probably for a gathering!

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Libation Lady September 09, 2008

We loved this recipe! I expected it to be a little thicker too, but once I tasted it, I didn't care! If thick is your thing, you can always use cornstarch or something to get it how you want it. I think thinner was actually better for "soppin'" the juices up with your bread. The amount of seasoning and heat was just right. And the veggies didn't get overcooked either which is a big deal to me! Two modifications I'll mention in case anyone else out there has the same problems: first, I only have a medium size cast iron skillet so I heated up a larger nonstick pan, and transferred the roux/veggie/spice mixture to the big one before adding the broth and beer. Worked fine. The second was that I marinated the shrimp in beer for a few hours and didn't add it to the pan (drained it first) until a few minutes before the parsley. The reason for this is that I use the bags of frozen shrimp because they are cheaper but have had problems with the shrimp coming out tough and rubbery if cooked for more than a few minutes. I don't know if it made a difference but the shrimp was tender and the whole thing was delicious. Your directions were very clear and easy to follow. I appreciated the encouragement to be patient around the 15min. mark of making the roux! Can't wait to make again. Thanks for posting!

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little_wing March 08, 2007

5 stars because anything my DH likes gets 5 stars! And he loved it (me too). Very easy, very quick (other than the roux part of course), very good flavor even though I had to use regular beer. Might add just a little Tony's next time, but this one's a definite keeper!

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LorenLou June 24, 2005

I first had Shrimp Étouffée in New Orleans for Mardi Gras this year (2014) and really liked it. This recipe is very authentic and tasted quite similar to the dish I had ordered in a restaurant. I used Guinness for the beer and substituted vegetable stock because I was out of chicken stock but it still turned out both delicious and authentic tasting. I would make it again.

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Chef A.Crews November 10, 2014

This is a very flavorful, easy shrimp etouffee recipe! The only modification that we made was to sub veggie broth for the chicken broth. DH has been brewing his own beer so he used a homemade IPA. This recipe also reheats well for leftovers. I will make this again. Thanks!

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Dr. Jenny January 27, 2013

Very tasty with plenty of sauce for the rice. I added shrimp and sausage and it was a nice combo

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suepegg January 30, 2012
Shrimp Etouffee