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I am going to make these again at some point. I think next time, I will marinate the shrimp in the sauce ingredients, perhaps add a little garlic and some ginger, as mentioned in another review. I made these as is, except for the celery, I used jicama instead, which added a lovely crunch. I was a bit disappointed that there wasn't a strong shrimp flavor, hence my idea to marinate the shrimp next time. I also got closer to 14 egg rolls, I froze all but the 6 I made for dinner. Thanks for a good recipe, love4culinary.

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Jmommy209 October 24, 2010

I just made these onight!! WOW! What a treat...I did just a few things different, I used Leeks (only the white parts), and green onion, instead of the scallions, only because that is what I had on hand. I did not have any cabbage so I used more bean sprouts. Also, I added more soy sauce, and added red chili paste to give it a KICK!! These were awesome! My Husband and my kids LOVED them!! Also, I will have to say that I was quite proud of my self ~Boasting~ This was my first time making eggrolls, and I did'nt mess up any of the wrappers "YEAH ME!!" Thank you for the great recipe!

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Princez76 March 21, 2009

This made 6 lg. egg rolls for me. I loved the crunch from the water chestnuts and cabbage. I left out the celery though and used extra cabbage instead, and used pork instead of the shrimp. I made up some Linda's Thai Sweet Chili Sauce for Dipping (Egg Rolls, Sushi) to dip the egg rolls in and the sauce really made the egg rolls shine for all of us! We loved them and will have them often accompanied with the delicious dipping sauce! Thanks

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BillieJoeUtah January 12, 2009

Wow! Big hit with the family! You can really hardly taste the shrimp but it was delicious nonetheless. I replaced celery with black mushrooms as personal preference but followed everything else. :)

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Shasha December 24, 2008

These were a big hit with DH. I followed the recipe pretty closely, adding some minced garlic and ginger into the mix. I skipped the oyster sauce. The recipe directions didn't say where to add the rice wine, so I put it in step 2. This was my first time making egg rolls and I went through a few wrappers at first, but got the hang of it. This made almost 12 egg rolls for me.

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yogiclarebear August 16, 2008

A stall selling egg rolls here always includes chopped hard boiled eggs in the rolls, so I took a cue from it, and did the same. Also used jicama instead of water chestnuts, and chinese shitake mushrooms instead of celery ( did not have any). My son said the hard boiled eggs add so much to the rolls. He ate them with hot and sweet chili sauce, and totally enjoyed his snacks. Thank you for the recipe.

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Ilovemy4kids August 06, 2007

Very easy and VERY delicious! I've made LOTS of egg-rolls over the years and this one is right up there with the Best of the Best. Brought these to my "Ladies Night Out" Book Club (we read "Midnight Sea" by Colleen Coble), in keeping with the Hawaiian theme of the book---the ladies went absolutely loopy for these. Okay, so I made the recipe AS IS except I used two 6- or 8 oz cans of shrimp...and I didn't have bean sprouts on hand so just left 'em out, and only had a handful of celery leaves I'd frozen to add to soup--but they went in just fine. And I see now I forgot the rice wine and sugar--but didn't really miss it as far as I can tell. Also, I used a cabbage from my garden (actually a baby cabbage!@!!). So, THIS RECIPE MADE 20 regular size egg rolls!!! Definitely a KEEPER OF A RECIPE!!! Goes in my special cookbook, too!

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Debber July 27, 2007

It's been a long time since I made these last. Forgot the recipe. This one closely matched the one I used. I remembered that it wasn't so much a recipe, but a project! This here, was easy! I don't know about the 6 egg roll wraps. That sounds more like tortilla size. In my neck of the woods I can buy a package of 25. They are about 6"X7". Anyway, I used to use water to seal them up before frying... This beaten egg thing works like superglue! No more egg rolls unraveling and veggies floating in hot oil. This is pure genius!!! The taste, texture, and color was heavenly. I can now make these more often. Thanks for a super recipe!

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Chef Booshman August 31, 2006

It's so colorful,looked like a painting there was so much color in then.The next time i make these i will cut teh cabbage down a notch and add bigger shrimp...jumbo i'm thinking.

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grovinchicken September 19, 2005

These were good i think they are missing a little asian flavor in my opinion. I added the scallions and carrots in step 2 and just cooked a little longer. Overall a very good egg roll thanks love4culinary!!!

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KmartKlutz September 16, 2005
Shrimp Egg Rolls