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I've been searching for a different take at chowder, the mushrooms and quasimodo take on Italian soup caught my attention. After making a few addition/alterations, which I'll explain, the original above-par recipe has been transformed into the most amazing chowder I've ever had... and being from Seattle that's an audacious statement. Do yourself a favor, make the following adjustments, your taste-buds will thank you.

The following changes...
2 cups Shrimp Stock: Save the shells and make your own shrimp-stock, a very simple process and one of the major flavor ingredients.
3 oz. Pancetta: Most chowders use bacon, I prefer a more flavorful pancetta.
6 Red Potatoes: Leave the skin on, gives the chowder a more rustic old world feel.
3oz. Tomato Paste: Again, more added flavor.
Add 2-1/2 more cups of milk. The 1/2 cup of flower is way too much for the original recipe, it nearly made the way too thick chowder bear a resemblance to claim and shrimp dip.
By adding the additional liquids your chowder takes on a silkier soul, it also adds to your servings (4-6 to 6-9), no worries, this chowder freezes well, a couple people even said it had more flavor if that's possible.

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luau December 03, 2010

This is very tasty, but a tad too thick. I would cut down on the amount of flour next time. Flavors were great, though. I did find the recipe a bit hard to follow, since ingredient list is not in order of use. And no mention of when to add the parsley, so I put it in with the mushrooms (which were a nice touch, btw--never had them in clam chowder before).

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Outta Here March 01, 2009
Shrimp & Clam Chowder