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I'm giving the end result 5 stars, but with reservations! I made this as directed, except that I do not own "rice molds"; I used jumbo-sized muffin tins (I measured first, and they are indeed 6 oz. per!); this alone might explain my pic! lol! I was doubtful about the 3 cups dressing given the ingredients for it; it came really close! Probably due to the emulsification factor (i.e., lots of air gets into the dressing). This is not a "quick" recipe! Start to finish I think it took me 3 hours! It will probably only take a "good" cook 2 hours! Tip: when placing the bulgur salad in the molds - pack it down! I think this will make it bond together better! Given the time this takes to make, this is a 5-star one-dish meal that is worth the effort! Thanks, KateL! Made for Hidden Gems tag game.

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mersaydees September 08, 2009
Shrimp Bulgur Salad With Avocado Relish and Chipotle Dressing