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This is to die for! So rich, and a horrifying amount of calories and fat, but soo sinfully delicious! I did not have wild Georgia shrimp or sugar cured ham, so I used regular shrimp and ham. For the hot sauce I used Louisiana's Pure Crystal Hot Sauce. I can only eat a small helping, but that is enough. The recipe fed my family of five, plus a small green salad. My 3 teen girls and my husband all loved it and said it was a keeper. I saw the Throwdown on the Food Network. I had lived and traveled in the South for a short time and loved grits, and have always loved shrimp, but had never heard of combining them. After the show was over I had to find the recipe, was thrilled to find both of them here! The second time I made this I tried to cut some of the fat, so I used skim milk instead of the heavy whipping cream, and only put enough skim milk to get the grits texture right, and used only one tablespoon of butter. I sauteed the shrimp in a little soybean oil instead of butter, and used skim milk in the roux as well. It wasn't quite as sinfully rich, but my family did not notice that I had changed anything and still loved it. I'm going to continue to experiment to lower the calories but keep the flavor. Shrimp and grits is my new favorite combination!

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Salad burnet November 11, 2009

great, wonderful, had to make to changes out of garlic so added 2T chopped shallots and cannot get country ham where i live so used canadian bacon. was wonderful can not imagine being any better.

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juliecoyotekyoti March 02, 2012

After travelling to Charleston SC this summer and sampling Shrimp and Grits for the first time ever at the Southend Brewery, I fell in love and needed to replicate the recipe at home. This was my first attempt since the spices seemed to match the taste I had experienced at the restaurant. It was easy and phenomenal. I made a couple of changes/additions d/t my desire for the meal to taste like the restaurant fare: I added a chopped tomato to the sauce, added green onions and crumbled bacon for a topping (left out the ham), and needed a lot more liquid for the grits to be soft and creamy - added 2% milk till I had the deisred consistency. I LOVED it and will make again. Will experiment like Salad bunet with lower-cal options. Thanks for a great recipe.

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German chick December 03, 2011

My new Favoite recipe. would be great when having friends over.Leftovers delicious. Alway top with chopped green onions. Never used the ham or the tomato paste in grits. Used my favorite hot hungarian paprika before sauting the shrimp for the zip. Also have used 1/2 &1/2 or milk for the sauce, still rich and decadent. Will make you LOVE grits!

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loliver449 August 17, 2010
Shrimp and Grits