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Absolutely delicious. We often cook prawns with coconut milk but the fresh bamboo shoots added another dimension to this recipe. Its slightly sweet, yet fresh. Couldn't have enough of it!

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Arpita D. July 07, 2016

Took us by surprise, what a delicious curry! This was very spicy, but not fiery hot -- as much as we could handle (I blew my nose 3 times, so this really clears the sinuses). We used 3/4 the shrimp and 1/2 the bamboo shoots (canned were all I could find). We ate all of the shrimp and had julienned bamboo shoots left over. The bamboo shoots added good texture contrast, but our canned bamboo shoots didn't win us over; we would probably omit them the next time and pour the sauce over steamed vegetables (like green beans) unless I figured out how to sub raw green beans for the bamboo shoots. I am not downgrading the recipe for the bamboo shoots, as they just aren't our favorite, yet others may find them to be the cat's meow. We had this with leftover rice from Al Andalus Paella, which DH thought was a good combination. Note that spice combinations like this are very good for diabetics, so I figure this is a tasty way to keep one's blood sugar level. This was the spiciest dish we made for The Wild Bunch in ZWT8, for Family Picks, but we will make this curry again.

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KateL August 31, 2012
Shrimp and Bamboo Shoot Curry