Shredded Pork Wrapped in Sesame Crepes

READY IN: 5hrs
Recipe by Mercy

Cooking time includes marinating time.

Top Review by Elisabetta47

I don't like to write uncomplimentary reviews, but this didn't work for me. It felt like 2 unrelated recipes combined. The pork had a very strong flavor that totally overwhelmed the delicate (and delicious crepes.) Perhaps I used the wrong cut of pork, but after 3 hours of marinating and 1 1/2 hours in the oven, mine didn't become "very tender"; just chewy and rather dry. I had to slice it into untra-thin bits to be edible. The proportions are also wrong. Because the crepe ingredient amount looked so small, I doubled it, yet only got 5 large crepes from that doubling. And the 5 crepes were not enough to hold 2 lbs of shredded pork. It would be too much even if you got 6 crepes out of it. And lastly, it may be personal taste, but I need some kind of sauce in a crepe dish. DH dug out the greek yogurt to help wash down the dryness. I'm sorry to be critical, but it's too time-consuming for the just "okay" result. That said, the addition of ginger, garlic and green onion stem to crepes is lovely and I will try it with some other dish. Sorry.

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  1. Cut the pork into three large portions and trim any excess fat.
  2. Combine the rest of the shredded pork ingredients together in a large bowl; add the pork and toss to combine; marinade pork for 3 hours, refrigerated.
  3. Remove meat from marinade and cook at 325°F for approximately 1 1/2 hours, or until the pork is very tender, brushing with marinade as needed.
  4. Remove, cool slightly and shred meat or slice into thin portions.
  5. For the crepes, combine the flour, salt, egg and sesame oil in a bowl, then Whisk in the milk.
  6. Stir in the ginger, garlic and scallion.
  7. In a non-stick pan, add a touch of vegetable oil; swirl around.
  8. Add just enough batter to spread around thinly; move rapidly as the crepe will start cooking quickly.
  9. When the outside edges start coming off the pan and are cooked, flip the crepe over and cook the other side for a few seconds (you don’t want too much color on your crepes).
  10. Lay the crepes out to cool on a dry towel.
  11. Wrap warmed shredded pork around the sesame crepes and serve with chopped scallion, soy sauce and sesame seeds.

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