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SO GOOD! I used some green chile shredded pork (recipe found here on Zaar) I had cooked in the crockpot about a week ago, I had vaccum packaged the leftovers and frozen them. I fried the taquitos I served to boyfriend and the kids, but I baked mine. I did have to steal a bite of the fried ones, and I actually liked the baked ones better! The lemon pepper is really good in this. Great recipe.

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Lakerdog2 September 30, 2008

these were so awesome!!! i used some leftover smoked, pulled pork which gave a phenomenal flavor! the only change i made was to add in a bit of salsa to moisten my meat. i made these up ahead of time and stored in freezer. just had to throw them in the fryer and then remove the toothpicks before inhaling! thanks for the keeper. i love make ahead dishes and recipes i can use with leftover smoked meat.

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KPD May 30, 2010

Great recipe! I love taquitos. I used leftover pork roast.

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Charmie777 December 17, 2009

These are great - DH loved them!! I used the meat from the "Super-Easy Crock Pot Chile Verde" #265263 and used it as the filling along with the cheese, green chilies, diced onion and garlic. (I did not add the lemon pepper as it was cooked with the meat.) All in all these are great and we'll be freezing some to see how that works. Thanks Wineaux for a great recipe!

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Acerast December 10, 2008

VERY GOOD!!! I had a little over a lb. of leftover pork shoulder roast and I`d already decided that I was going to use your recipe for the leftovers because I had all the ingredients on hand. I did them exactly like you said. I had one that unrolled while they were frying so I went ahead and flipped it over to a taco shape, when it cooled a little I ate it, boy was that good so I still have quite a bit of meat mixture left over because I ran out of tortilla`s. I`m going to freeze that mixture and just make fried taco`s with the rest, it will still taste great but will be less work than rolling them up with the oil method. This recipe is going into my Favorites do again cookbook. I did add quite a bit of salt to the meat mixture because pork needs more salt I think. Thank you very much for posting this very simple and handy recipe. Vi

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RECIPE ADDICT December 08, 2008
Shredded Pork Taquitos