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This was good. It definately has sort of a baby shower/tea room brunch kind of taste. I added a little minced garlic and toasted the walnuts first for more flavor. While I cooked some noodles to pour this over, I got out the pita chips and dipped into it. I think it would make a lovely dip with maybe some melted feta over the top. I agree with a previous reviewer that this recipe has a lot of possibilities.

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Retro Kali July 12, 2010

Makes for a very tasty chicken dish! I used chicken breasts & winter wheat bread then followed the directions! It was great served over brown rice & with a fresh fruit salad! And by the way, it even does well as a chicken/rice/fruit tortilla wrap! Many thanks for this great recipe! [Made for Please Review My Recipe Cooking Game]

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Sydney Mike February 05, 2008

This was very good! I had cut the recipe in half and used leftover cooked chicken from another dish, so I had to use chicken bullion. I ended up using twice as much bullion as I should have, but I'm glad I did. It made a very cream delicious sauce on the chicken. I also omitted the salt since I was using bullion. Went well with with Deluxe Rice Amandine. Thanks WI Cheesehead, this is a keeper!

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puppitypup June 27, 2007

I made this with no recipe changes (using bread, not pitas) and think it deserves 5 stars because of the delicious flavor being nothing like recipes with cut-up chicken I usually make. My husband gave it a thumbs-up, which means it's 5+. I'm reheating leftovers tonight, so will see if perhaps I might add some spices not in recipe, but it is fine as written.

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Mareesme April 16, 2007

Well, after reading the directions over and over again, I thought hmmmmm, just what will I do with this delight when prepared. Of course I had to sample it first, and then again to be sure, and then once more LOL. Super delicious, and oh so easy! I opted to leave the bread out, which gave me a thinner sauce. I actually made a sandwich on marbled rye since I was out of wraps, and it was outstanding. You've really got the gears going now...I wonder how it would be as a main dish served over fettucine if you added the walnut sauced chicken mixture to a little homemade alfredo sauce, or served it over noodles and just drizzled with a little alfredo? This recipe is hard to categorize, but absolutely delicious :) Thanks for sharing. Nick's Mom

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Brenda. April 16, 2007

Wow. This was a hard one to rate because it wasn't at all what I expected and therefore didn't quite fit into the meal I had planned. I made it with brown rice which I cooked with shallots and rosemary and then some steamed broccoli and cauliflower. The chicken was very rich. The flavor was completely unlike anything I've had before... the sweet, creaminess of the onions and the nuttiness of the walnuts. It was very good, but not as a stand-alone main course. My daughter thought it would make a great stuffing for something. This may have been influenced by the texture of the sauce which was sort of like cornbread batter although not as gross as that sounds! The texture was probably due to the fact that I used some left-over homemade beer bread (made with wheat flour) instead of the white bread so don't let the texture comment bother you. BF thought it would be great as a filling for pita bread. I thought it actually matched really well with the rice pilaf I made, and think the two together would be a great for lettuce wraps. Still mulling the possibilities over...the flavor is really unique and delicious..just not sure how to use it yet. But I definitely want to make again. Thanks for giving me a project, lol!

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little_wing April 03, 2007
Shredded Chicken and Walnut Sauce