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This was a beautiful side dish: yellow rice flecked with orange carrot. However, I'm not used to cooking with lemon pepper and I found it way too strong for my taste. It may be the secret ingredient, but it's not for me. I love the carrots and chicken broth aspect though, so I will definitely try this again with another seasoning.

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cpenner May 23, 2003

I though this was pretty good, loved the lemon pepper! DH doesn't like just plain white rice so I'm always looking for simple ways to make it different--this one fit the bill! I did add dried cranberries at the end to give it a sweet touch, but that was just a personal taste. Really good!

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summerbreeze December 05, 2009

Hey! This turned out pretty good- a real sticky rice. I did have some problems, for although I halved the recipe I still had to keep adding more broth to cook the rice okay. Since it used more than half of the 14.5 ounce can for half, I wonder if a whole can is enough for the regular recipe. Also, I think that I forgot to shake my bottle of lemon pepper before I used it because the rice didn't have the peppery taste with the lemon-- That was okay though, because I just sprinkled pepper on top when it was done. This made a tasty rice, and I'll be sure to make it again! Thanks for sharing!

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Bec June 23, 2004
Shredded Carrot Pilaf