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These are great ribs!!! I don't know what Old Bay Seasoning is, so I replaced it with a homemade spice mix that I made that includes chili, paprika etc..Makes a great sweet & sour flavour.

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Wizzisit May 29, 2002

What can I add after 56 reviews already? I made the recipe exactly as written. It was my first time making ribs or barbecue anything. Boy, was my husband ever impressed! Like Emzy, I saved the sauce. I couldn't bear to just toss that yummy stuff down the sink. I baked the ribs at 375 degrees for 1 hour. I thought about the comments about slower cooking, but I didn't have time. They were fantastic!

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GinnyP May 28, 2002

These ribs are amazing! Actually the sauce is amazing and makes lots that could be used on anything that you like a great BBQ sauce on...absolutely divine!
I used St Louis style ribs and fresh garlic. Set the oven at 375 for an hour, turned down to 250 for 2 more, then let them simmer at 350 without the lid. Yummers!!!!

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joyfulsouls January 15, 2011

Well, after reading all the rave reviews how could you not try this recipe? I did and WOW! I got sooo many compliments. Everyone just flipped over this sauce! I was one of the lucky ones that happened to be able to find Old Bay Seasoning - so that helped. Also, if anyone would like to know I used 'Sweet Baby Ray's Award Winning BBQ sauce'. Mmmmm....Mmmmmmm..... I will be making these again (because my hubby won't hush until I do). Also, I had to give the recipe out, so that in itself tells you how good these are. Thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe! - The only things I want to mention is that the recipe implies that this is a semi-dry paste. That is incorrect so don't expect a paste, it is much more a liquid than a paste -and- I would also recommend cooking these at 325 for three hours instead of 375 for one hour (My ribs were still raw at one hour - they had to cook for two hours at 375).

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gdeniseg December 06, 2002

WHOO-HOO! I am beyond thrilled with this recipe! Being southern, I'm picky about my ribs and had doubts about trying to out-do my favorite places. WOW! I never in my life would have prepared ribs like this; without preparing them first! I was just sure they would be tough and chewy going right into the oven without being boiled or marinated first. Was I wrong! Of course I bought the correct cut of meat as listed and all ingredients-they smelled great, they LOOKED like I'd brushed and basted them all day, and tasted SUPER. Spicy but not hot; sweet and tangy. I baked as directed and used LOW BROIL for about five minutes till the edges turned dark/crunchy. My only change will be cutting the celery salt. They had a strong surge of celery now and then so I went back out of curiosity and looked at the ingredients listed on the OLD BAY SEASONING can. Ah. Celery. I can't wait till this summer to make them in the oven and sneak them onto the grill the last five minutes. Will my family and friends be impressed! Ms. Carson, you've got to enter this with Southern Living!

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Dani Thorne February 20, 2003

Holy Moly! Add another 5 Star! The neighbors and I fixed this for dinner last night and it got "Excellent" all around the table. The only thing I didn't have was the Old Bay and it was still great. We even spooned out the remaining sauce and made some gravy with it for the mashed potato's and what a taste. WOW! Thanks for this one. It's in my 'fix again soon' binder.

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Chuck in Killbuck November 16, 2002

This is my new rib sauce for life! Absolutely wonderful. I did alter it a bit as follows. I used the full amount of barbeque sauce, but only 6 oz of honey. Half the brown sugar, no white sugar, but replaced that with 1/4 cup of vinegar as suggested by so many others. I also added a teaspoon of powdered mustard, one of red pepper flakes, and 8-10 shakes of both worcesteshire and tobasco sauces. Let the sauce blend for a few hours and then baked them as per previous suggestions at 325 for 2 1/2 hours, then turned meaty side up, turned off the oven and covered the foil pans tightly with foil. This amount pefectly fit 4 racks of baby back ribs. My neighbors, their 28 year old son (who is a self admitted rib aficiando)his friend and my husband and myself were blown away. Thanks so much for sharing your great recipe Beverly!

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Do-e January 06, 2003

First thing first, We live in Memphis and know BBQ ribs, or we thought we knew BBQ ribs! This is by far THE BEST FREAKING BBQ RIB RECIPE I'VE EVER TASTED!!!!!!!!! At first my wife wasn't to excited about me making ribs because she really isn't a rib person. After she took first bite of candied Pork goodness, she too became a rib lover. Normally I'll find a recipe and try it and if we like it then we change it to fit our likes. This WILL NOT BE THE CASE WITH THIS RECIPE, everything about this recipe is perfect. We served the ribs with a giant Sweet Potato and Corn. This will now be a main stay in our house! Who ever originated this recipe BRAVO ZULU! I found it funny when my wife had to remove her wedding rings to keep from eating her Diamonds!

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Lawdog7574 December 16, 2010

This recipe was very helpful to me and my children! Especially with their math homework.

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Mrs. Jaye February 13, 2003
Should Be Illegal Oven BBQ Ribs