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I wanted to write this review over, because I wanted to share my discovery with this recipe. I actually love this recipe for making what I call my kicked up barbecue sauce. I take the spices up by a half (sometimes double if I'm being lazy haha), keep the sugars the same, but leave out the honey and onions. I add the spices and sugars to an 18 oz bottle of plain barbecue sauce (I use Stubb's Barbecue sauce, but it's probably only available here in Texas. Use whatever brand you like, plain is best for this tho!) and heat it till it just begins to bubble a little. Then I let it cool down, and return it to the original bottle. Everyone is amazed by it because it's a great balance of sweet, spicy, smoky, and it's intense! It's good on everything we've tried it on - brisket, sausage, chicken, ribs. I've even used it to marinate chicken with and it's yummy that way too.

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Cypress July 19, 2010

WOW!!!!! These are the BEST!!i!!! They turned out to the best ribs we have had-ever, restaurant or otherwise! We love ribs-but have never attempted them at home-this recipe inspired me to give ribs a try. Yes the rub is more like sauce when mixed up and yes they are very watery at first when you begin to cook them but with a little patience the magic happens!!! Here's what we did: bought the pork baby backs from Sam's (6-7 lbs)followed the sauce/rub to a tee, took membrane off bony side, cut ribs invidual portions cutting after every other rib bone, then slathered just enough sauce to completely slather each rib. Put in deep roaster covered with foil, poked a ton of holes to vent in oven at 325. After 45-hour, took out and turned (they were very watery) put foil half on/half on/half off and back in the oven, 2 hour did the same (still watery-but less) covered very loosely with foil, 3rd hour the sauce was coming together, getting very sticky-turned ribs, kept foil off and put back in oven. Meanwhile, I put the rest of the sauce in pan on stove, cooked on very low and let it get very hot, bubbly and thick. After about 15 minutes-took ribs back out of oven and used a brush to paint ribs with the awesome sauce, put back in oven at 375 for about 10 minutes. When the came out the meat was perfet,meaty and tender, and the sauce sticky dark and sweet! We can't wait to eat the left overs and can't stop talking about them! They are now our new family favorite. I can't wait to make for company. These ribs do rival any we have had anywhere! Thank you Beverly!!! I am going to check out all your recipes!!!!

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smolls January 03, 2010

Great ribs! Grilled on the grill using indirect heat. Wrapped them in aluminum foil and grilled on med. heat for about 1 hour, then grilled them for another 1 1/2 hrs. on low heat.

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BillieJoeUtah September 10, 2011

Followed this recipe except I cooked at 325 for 3 hours, and didn't seperate all the ribs but cut them into four serving sizes. I turned them three times during cooking. They were so tender and delicious! Thanks for posting this amazing recipe!

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sweetcakes April 15, 2011

Absolutely perfect! I scaled the amounts down and used it on 2 pounds of lamb ribs. Just perfect! Thanks for a keeper!

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Axe November 30, 2010

As though you need one more review as proof that these were AMAZING! Only change I made (because I thought I had it in the house, but didn't!!) was to use Lyells Golden Syrup instead of the honey. Cooked a little longer than called for so they would be falling off the bone. I ate 5 of them by myself! Followed rest of recipe to a T. Thank you thank you thank you! Have tried so many "ok" rib recipes, but this is the one I would be proud to serve to friends.

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Elainia October 17, 2010

this sauce was delicious! some guests thought it was too sweet but it was stated this was a hot/sweet recipe so lived up to its claim. Would recommend if that is what you are looking for. I used KC masterpiece Smoked Bourbon BBQ sauce as the base. Came out with lots of extra sauce, i ended up spooning some over onto some shrimp kabobs i was also making then back over the ribs and stuck it all under the broiler for a few minutes to get them nice and caramelized

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adamwa August 02, 2010

I tried this receipe for the first time this weekend..I have never cooked ribs before and all I can say is AWESOME !! The Ribs went down a treat. I followed the advice given by others here and cooked the ribs slowly for 3 hours at 325, for the last 30 minutes I uncovered the ribs and basted them every 10 minutes. I did not add the white sugar as it was sweet enough. The BBQ Sauce I used was KC Masterpiece. I also bought a deep foil tray at Costco's for easy cleanup. Thanks for a great receipe !!!!

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ebjamin July 17, 2010

There ought to be exceptions to give some recipes 6 stars - this would be one deserving of them. I had every intention of doing my ribs on the rotisserie but with the temp near 100 and the humidity not far behind, no way was I staying on the deck to mind the grill for an hour+. I found this recipe and cooked it in my outdoor table oven instead so my kitchen was cool & so was I. The ribs were fall off the bone good - AWESOME go to recipe for ribs from now on. Thans so much for sharing.

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Sherri Dodsworth July 10, 2010

Excellent ribs recipe. They are sweet and spicy and oh so good! There were none left so I can honestly say everyone loved them. I baked them in the foil for 1 hour and then opened the foil up for about 20 - 30 minutes. Fall off the bone tender. This will be my go to recipe for ribs. Thanks for sharing your recipe.

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GaylaV June 05, 2010
Should Be Illegal Oven BBQ Ribs