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These were fantastic! I made these last night with strawberry jam. My family was craving something sweet,and they loved these! Almost gone! I really love recipes that have few ingredients,this was perfect. This is really a cute,sweet recipe,and I will be making these again!Thanks for sharing it Karen! 8)

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Ocean~Ivy July 24, 2002

SO YUMMY and CUTE!!!!! I finshed cooking them, and gobbling some down. I filled mine with strawberry perserves, because i love strawberry! Thanks for the recipe Karen!!

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BIGSIS7 May 06, 2007

Oh my gosh! These things are so cute! My shortbread cups puffed up quite a bit, so as soon as I took them out the oven I used the back of a spoon to make the well in the center bigger. I have a major sweet tooth and knew I wouldn't just like the plain fruit filling so I half-filled the cups with Cream Filling for Cupcakes and then filled the remainder with strawberry preserves. I topped it with another dollop of cream and chocolate jimmies for presentation. Extremely delicious! Made for the Tea Party Photo Forum 2010.

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Roxanne J.R. January 29, 2010

I made these tart shells for my grandson's Christening party. I added a dash of lemon extract to the batter. The flavor was subtle but exceptional. I then filled them with a mixture of lemon pudding and creamcheese and topped with fresh fruit. They were awesome. Perfect for any Spring or Summer event! Note: for best results use Crisco to grease your pans. I initially tried these using one of those non-stick sprays and it was disasterous! I lost the entire batch and had to start again.

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lovethejewelry May 08, 2006
Shortbread Fruit Tartlets