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OUTSTANDING CRUST!!! I was burnt out on the whole "cookie/graham cracker" crust for pies so I wanted something different. I was making Laura's Incredible Key Lime Cheesecake Bars and wanted a lighter, not so heavy base. This recipe was perfect in all manner and complimented the flavour of those bars to perfection! NOTE: I doubled the recipe, ditched the extract, didn't chill it and pushed it right into place with my fingers into a 9" x 13" pan. It is NOT necessary to either chill this lovely dough or roll it out for tarts, Chefs! Just blend it, knead it for a minute and push it into place. I can't wait to try it for tarts.

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The_Swedish_Chef July 03, 2010

This is worth TEN stars! So easy and delicious. DH says forget the filling - just make the crust and he'll eat that alone. Seriously, this is one of the tastiest crusts. As for rolling it out, I rolled it out loosely on the board with a little flour, then pressed it into the pan. The rolling pin I use (Pampered Chef) enables me to roll the crust even when its in the pan so it wasn't really a problem. We'll make this often! Probably too often. Thanks.

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Empire920 May 07, 2008

Made this up the other night for dinner with friends. I didn't bother trying to roll out the soft dough just pressed it into my tart pan and it came out perfectly. I did substitute vanilla for the orange extract only because I didn't have any on hand. Filled with a simple cream cheese filling instead of a custard and topped with fresh fruit. Thanks for sharing this terrific recipe. Will be adding this one to my regular recipes.

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Beth E March 09, 2008

This was perfect for my white chocolate raspberry tart! I did not have an hour to chill the dough so I pressed it right into my tart pan with floured hands which seemed easier than rolling out such a delicate dough. I didn't have orange extract but it had a pleasant shortbread taste without it. It was the right thickness and texture to complement my creamy filling and was easy to cut. This is a keeper!

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5thCourse July 12, 2007

Delicious yes, easy no. I too had some difficulty getting the crust rolled out but once I got it into the pan and baked it, I filled it with Strawberry Pie Strawberry Pie for a fantastic dessert. In order to roll it out properly, I wrapped it in plastic wrap, chilled and lightly floured wax paper to roll it out. It took a couple of attempts to get it into the pan without it breaking apart. I wet my hands and worked extra moisture into the pastry that seemed to do the trick. In spite of all my problems it is a delicious crust.

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PaulaG April 24, 2006

The flavor of this crust is absolutely wonderful...I did have some trouble rolling out the dough though...it kept breaking apart, so I ended up pressing the pastry into the pie dish. I was given the advice to chill the dough in a flat disc, so that it chills better, and when rolling the dough, to put it between 2 sheets of waxed paper to avoid sticking. This would have really helped! hehe I was also told that in the case of shortbread crusts, that you do need to press them into the dish. The instructions could have been clearer, but the result was awesome! I will use this recipe again, now that I have these tips in hand. ;)

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canarygirl November 08, 2003

This was a good basic shortbread crust and served as a great base for fresh glazed strawberry pie. It would probably work well also for a base for squares or such, thanks for sharing.

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Derf June 17, 2003
Shortbread Crust for Custard Tart