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I learned this recipie from a exchange student from Libya. Recipie is almost the same as this one except for a couple of good additions. Instead of macaroni noodles, I add different types of veggies--things like chopped broccolli, diced potatoes and sliced carrots. If you like spicy--slice lengthwise into (but don't cut up) two serrano peppers and just drop them into the liquid as it is simmering. Also, add about a half a can of tomato paste to it as well. Remove the peppers then serve it over basmati rice cooked with five-spice, butter and salt. VERY hearty and is a GREAT winter stew...freezes well.

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calvinsmom August 01, 2011

this was spicy and tasty! i changed the prep around a bit. i used lamb necks, bone in, so i first browned the lamb in batches, then browned the onions. i simmered much longer as i had a less tender cut of meat. after that i removed the lamb, deboned it, and returned to the sauce. then i proceeded with the recipe. i pretty much stuck to the quantities of spices etc as written. this was a nice change of pace. i put the remainder in the freezer to enjoy on another night.

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graffeetee February 05, 2011
Shorba (Libyan Style Lamb Stew)