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Fantastic recipe! I had 1 sirloin stake leftovers and wanted to do something special with it so i could feed 2 ppl. from it.. this came out so good and delicious!!! I did make a few changes to this I ADDED 2 onions , around 60-70g spinach and my 200g steak was marinaded for 2 days just the way i like it... This came out juicy and delicious! The mushrooms & steak really make the dish.. Thank you so much for posting I will make this every time i have leftover steak.

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Tiippo iippo February 18, 2008

wonderful, wonderful sandwich! had to use regular white button mushrooms because my grocery store was out of portobellos that day, and added onions when i sauted the mushrooms. I also added swiss cheese on top of everything so it could get melty (is that a word?!?) More than enough for 3 of us. Thanks for posting.

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Brisket in Roses July 24, 2007

Nice sandwich. I used DH home made Italian bread and a London Broil cut (thats what the store called it, I think its a sirloin). I marinated the beef in some white wine, oregano, thyme, and garlic for a few hours then cooked in a pan as directed until rare with some onions and more garlic. While that was cooking I tossed the mushrooms with the marinade and cooked them as directed, when the meat was done, deglazing the pan with the marinade. I found it was easier to cut both ends of the bread off so I could get out all the insides and stuff in the meat, mushrooms and onions (used the insides for breadcrumbs in another dish). I started all this around 1:30 and wraped it and left it on the counter with a board and 5lb bag of flour sitting on top of it. At 5:30 we were ready to eat and I was really worried that it would be too soggy, but it was great. We needed forks and knives to eat it with but it was very good. I served it with potato wedges which I used the thyme, oregano and garlic to season with. Next time I will be trying different cuts of meat since the London Broil cut was a bit tough. I also thought adding some spinach to the mushrooms and onions would be a nice touch. Also thinking about adding a squeeze of dijon mustard and the possibility of roasting the meat rather than frying (in which case I'd coat it with the dijon). I think this would also be nice with a pork tenderloin. I think I'll also try this meathod with other things, even meatless. Very good recipe that you can do so many things with and mix and match according to your own tastes. Thanks so much for posting.

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Ilysse May 29, 2006

I saw that episode of the two fat ladies so couldn't resist making this recipe! I used Italian Bread for the bread...Italian bread seemed to suit. I used two sirloin steaks (porterhouse or new york cuts are the other names for this type of cut in this area of the world). I tried so hard to get portabellos...bummer I had to settle for button mushrooms. Excellent taste....though I really want to try it with the portabellos. Thanks for one of the few Two Fat Ladies recipes that doesn't include two pounds of butter and a ton of cream!

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Fairy Nuff October 02, 2005

This was definately different but very good. My husband had me add some green peppers and onions, so I sauted that with the muschrooms. And I put cheese over the whole mixture before replacing the crust. I had to be up early anyway. :D Zaar World Tour 05

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Amis October 01, 2005

Mike loved this sandwich!!! (I knew he would!) I used fresh garlic when cooking mushrooms and steak. I also wrapped tightly in foil, and stuck it in refrigerator weighted down! Then heated it before serving in the oven! DH thanks you!!!

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katie in the UP September 30, 2005
Shooter's Sandwich