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I marinated the tofu for 24 hours and it turned out really good. Squeezing out the excess water gave the tofu a really good texture for soaking up the marinade. Served with brown jasmine rice and steamed zucchini/crook neck. Skipped the skewers and grilled on a stove top grill pan. The leftovers were perfect the next morning for breakfast accompanied by home fries. Reviewed for Veg Tag September.

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COOKGIRl September 19, 2010

This was the tofu recipe that "won over" my husband and son. I love tofu, but they've never been too enthusiastic about it...until now. I made the recipe just as it was written. I did add an extra tsp. of chili powder, which you mentioned as an option, and I marinated it for two days. We grilled it and the flavor was exceptional. I had pressed and drained the tofu for 2 hours before I put it in the fridge and when grilled, the tofu cubes remained firm and didn't break up at all. The marinade permeated throughout the cubes; they were so good and well-seasoned. I've tried cooking tofu many ways, but this is by far the best -- I've already called my son, whose girlfriend is a vegetarian, to come over for a family dinner -- I know she will love it as much as we did. It can be difficult to find a tofu recipe that appeals to both "meat lovers" and vegetarians, but this fits the bill superbly. They even got a bit crunchy on the outside, which made a nice contrast with the soft and spicy inside of the tofu. We loved it, magpie, and you can be sure I'll be serving this again -- it's a terrific recipe!

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TasteTester May 10, 2010
Shish'd Tofu (Grilled Marinated Tofu - Vegan)