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Mmmm, garlic! This was a really wonderful, quick and delicious recipe. I made half the quantity of garlic sauce and halved the white by removing the yolk and pulling out about half of the white with a spoon. The food processor I have doesn't do a great job with small amounts so I just whisked by hand using crushed garlic until it was just how I liked it, just a fraction thicker than mayonnaise.

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Peter J September 19, 2011

This came out really well. The Shish Taouk was very good... not as good as what I have back home... but its a very close second. The garlic sauce was excellent. I see from the reviews that some people had trouble making the sauce. Just a quick tip... use a food processor not a blender. and if you warm the food processor slightly (by soaking in hot water for a couple minutes, then drying) before making the sauce you will get a sauce with a better consistency.

For the purpose of having more variety on the plate, I alternated veg/chicken on the skewer. I used grape tomatoes and pearl onions. They looked wonderful and tasted as good as it looked!!

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Maya's Mama August 26, 2010

absolutely wonderfull!! As I am in the states at the moment, I used REAL garlic, very strong and smelly :) Used tenderloins, and cooked them in a non stick frypan, as it is freezing here. The Toum came together well for me, I took note of the last reviewer and used a stick blender, and the result was a thick, fluffy garlicy sauce. Unlike you, we didnt have much left :) I served this on couscous, made with chicken broth, added craisens and toasted pine nuts, and it was a good choice, went really well. (and I have never been a couscous fan) I was going to try a fattoush, but I ended up with an italian bread salad, and it rounded the meal nicely. This will be a real keeper for me!!!

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mummamills April 17, 2007

I had saved thise recipe long ago after promising DH I'd make this as it's one of his favorites - specially served along side of toum. Finally pulled it out to make (and wouldn't you know it, DH is not even home) but it's wonderful and was enjoyed by me, my DIL and DGD for a quick, easy and delicious meal. Great blend of flavors that reminded me of some of the better resturants I've tried it in in the Middle East. I did have trouble with the toum as the small amount didn't mix well in my processer (should have heeded the other reviewer and used an immersion blender) and in the end mixed about a tablespoon of mayonaise with it for texture, then cooled in the fridge and it came out fine. Now I need to make this for DH when he returns.

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Bonnie G #2 August 01, 2012

Chicken 5 stars. Twice making the garlic sauce and it just did not turn out although I incorporated it runny into a yogurt based garlic sauce to eat with these delicious shish taouk. The sauce makes a huge amount but it is easy to half. I had tried both a real egg white and egg replacer as Chef floWer does and for the vegetable oil I used a blend of mostly grape seed oil (has a neutral taste) and extra virgin olive oil one time and another time I used canola oil. The blender I used was a tiny one. I tried adding boiled potato which helped somewhat but it still did not turn out great that time. The second time I found the sauce got thick in my pestle and mortar plus it really blended in the garlic well but YOU MUST add the oil in a thin stream gradually, that is the tricky part and by the end I had not added the oil all properly and it was thin again without the possibility of getting thick. I may make the Shish Taouk again not usre if I will try the garlic sauce again.

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UmmBinat June 22, 2012

An egg contains about two tablespoons of egg white and one tablespoon of egg yolk. ----------- Five-star taste, but not quite the Shish Taouk I remember from my time in Beirut. I made it as written and we all loved it. But I'll still try to figure out what flavour is missing for it to be a real Shish Taouk. In future I'll try adding any or all of the following -- cumin, allspice, sumaq, cinnamon. Thanks for a great recipe.

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Leggy Peggy May 05, 2007

This was fabulous. Incredibly moist and fabulously tasty. White meat chicken is so frequently dry that the moistness of this recipe is realy worth emphasizing. The only issue I had was that the sauce never approached anything remotely like a mayonaise texture. I expect that's my fault or my blender's fault -- I've always heard that this type of sauce was quite difficult to make. And I noticed that I couldn't get a smooth puree or either the garlic or the garlic and egg white because the Kitchen Aid blender I have has a deep well around the bottom of the blades where things sink down and stay sunken and unmixed. It took until a good third of the oil was in before it was up to the blades and getting a good mix. Though I tried both slower and faster speeds it just didn't happen. Tastes great though.

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3KillerBs March 28, 2007
Shish Taouk Toum - Grilled / BBQ Chicken With Garlic Sauce