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This potato salad is excellent! Everyone asked me where I got the recipe and I told them on Recipezaar of course! The shrimp and olives really add depth and loads of flavor. A new favorite for all of us!

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Debbera July 02, 2010

Make sure you use regular mayonnaise in this, so it holds the salad together. It really does make a big difference! I have made this several times, and have found we love it using the regular mayonnaise. I have tried it leaving the shrimp whole and having it flaked, and flaking it between my fingers and doing it that way distributes the shrimp flavor so much better throughout the salad. This kicks regular potato salad up a notch, as is so awesome to have for a change. It is delicious and now a favorite. This is my go to salad now when I want something refreshing and delicious! It's even great with sandwiches! If you have picky eaters who don't like olives, put them in your blender and pulverize them. They won't even notice them, and it gives it so much flavor along with the shrimp.

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Let's Cook Lisa! April 27, 2010

We are having some hot weather so I wanted to make up some potato salad. This one sounded so good I had to try it. It was loaded with flavor from the flaked canned shrimp and olives... Don't get me wrong, I love classic potato salad, but these ingredients add another layer of flavor. I let mine sit in the fridge for about 5 hours and it was delicious!

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Beth's Favorite Recipes July 19, 2011

Absolutely delicious! What a different take on a potato salad. The shrimp is so great flaked in here and adds such a great flavor. Highly recommend for everyone to try! Great recipe!

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Dusarahbear May 22, 2010

This really steps it up a notch for potato salads! I doubled the recipe for a big crowd here for the holiday. I got rave reviews every time I turned around! Definately do use the canned shrimp. It really gives great taste appeal to the recipe. I look forward to having this all winter long, it's so delicious!

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carolynryanlv September 07, 2009

I made this several times now and keep forgetting to review it, so here goes - I loved the mixture of flavors with the crunchy celery and shrimp. I did use the canned shrimp and flaked it with my fingers, as I thought the flavors would be distributed throughout the salad better using it, than using the whole shrimp cut up, and I was right. This gives us a new prospective on potato salad and my whole family LOVES this!

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BrendaThurston67 September 03, 2009

Definately use the canned shrimp in this so it infuses it's flavors into the potatoes. Wow, was this good! We ate it for 2 days and wished I had doubled the recipe. This is one of those salads that go great with anything from fried chicken to steaks on the barbie and anything in between. So much tastier than potato salads.

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OutOfThyme August 24, 2009

A wonderfully delicious potato salad which we have thoroughly enjoyed over the past few days - and the flavours have melded so well that it's become increasingly yummy each day! So if you are making this for guests, do make it the day before you're serving it. I used some plump and superbly flavoursome fresh shrimps - well, actually, we call them prawns! ;) I added the mashed boiled eggs as suggested in #19, some minced garlic and fresh dill but otherwise made this potato salad exactly to the recipe. We SO enjoyed this that I'm planning to make it again next weekend to take to a friend's place for dinner. Thank you so much for sharing yet another super recipe, Linda. Made for Zaar Stars Tag - and what a star recipe this one is!

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bluemoon downunder April 25, 2009

Had this recipe along with Sticky Chicken and it was delicious. We made as written, because we like a nice held together potato salad without it being runny. Came out perfect! Loved the addition of the canned shrimp. We drained it well and flaked it per instructions. Couldn't have tasted better. This gets more then 5 stars from us, although 5 will have to do, as that's as high as they go! We will make this often now that we have a recipe that we finally all agree on that is the best for our tastes! Excellent -Thanks Linda for this winner! Tony

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tonythurston51 April 27, 2008

This is one tasty Potato Salad Linda! I drained the canned shrimp well and it wasn't soggy at all. In fact, using the shredded canned shrimp incorporated it well into the salad, giving flavor throughout the salad instead of just individual shrimp scattered in the salad as Parsley suggests. Parsley's picture looks totally different than it should because she used whole shrimp, and it looks soupy. Mine came out exactly as Linda's did in her pictures, using the shredded canned shrimp, and the texture and the flavor from the canned shredded shrimp pulled the salad together. Also, I can't imagine putting garlic powder in this recipe, as I don't think it would taste right with the flavors of this salad, and using mayo and sour cream would make this soupy as well. The mayonnaise gives it the texture and taste it needs to make this really special. Sometimes just following the recipe as written is best! It's excellent as written. Make it that way, and you won't be disappointed!

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Tony Rules The Kitchen... Sally Watches! April 02, 2008
Shirley's Shrimp Potato Salad