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Unbelievable! Tastes almost like my mothers shepherds pie! but I made the mistake by using extra lean ground beef, came out a little chewy. but other than that the pie tastes great!! thanks for the recipe. will be looking trough more of your recipes!

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EurasianGirl January 27, 2008

Really enjoyed this. Made it for the second time today. I don't know about everyone else but I used only 1 pound of ground beef and put a little extra tomato paste in. Also, I had no heavy cream so I just used milk in the potatoes. I am sure the cream would make it taste better, but it tastes great the way we made it. Also I used just a drained can of canned peas. I usually hate canned peas but it tastes great in this dish. I think this is one of those "hard to mess up" dishes.

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tarayakki December 06, 2009

This was REALLY good, even with a few not-so-great substitutions--instant mashed potatoes w/ onion/garlic instead of real, rosemary instead of thyme... This made a really filling and hearty meal, and it earned good reviews from my family!

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WhoKnew? October 05, 2008
Shepherds Pie (Eurasian Style)